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I’ve been a multimedia journalist for 6 years and have covered both high school and professional sports as well as other events for both the newspaper and radio. I’ve also interned as a radio engineer at TALK Radio and TV Network LLP. I’ve also written for national newspapers.

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My skills include Microsoft Office and Adobe as well as Audacity and J-Grasp. I’m also well-rounded in social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Mass Communications focusing on Broadcast Journalism.

I got started as a junior in high school covering both the football and basketball teams for the Watchdog Newspaper. Since arriving at VCU, I work with WVCW Student Radio at VCU and have contributed to the Commonwealth Times student newspaper.

I have also written for other Virginia newspapers including the Virginia Mercury. In addition to sports writing, I’ve also written about entertainment and politics as well as other school districts and technology.

I recently launched my own brand of sports reporting called Sports Speaks which focuses on national sports news across the United States that prides itself on delivering the truth rather than conform the 21st century opinions and hot takes. I also became a writer for Last Word on Sports as a beat writer about the NFL.

My biggest achievement would have to be my article on how Ghazala Hashmi overcame racism to become the first Muslim-American woman to serve in the state senate. That story was published across 800 news sources including the Washington Post, Kansas City Star, Miami Herald, and Associated Press.

I was also recognized by Society of Professional Journalists by winning awards in both Breaking News Reporting and General News Reporting for Region 2.

I also wrote the head stories for my high schools’ newspapers following the schools state championships in both football and basketball during the 2015-2016 school year.

In my spare time, I find that a good book is useful or I can be found watching Jeopardy to expand my knowledge as well as watching sports. You can also find me on the hunt for a big story.


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