Philadelphia- The city of Brotherly Love is known for being rough on its players despite its passionate support.

It’s a situation that some children grow up with as a form of discipline from your parents.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, the fans expect winning and dominance to go with. They had that taste before and they want more of it. Not this season.

An 0-2 start and players reportedly turning on QB Carson Wentz highlights one important fact, the team is a mess and cleaning up is more difficult than anticipated.

Head coach Doug Pederson was once revered for his play calling and general manager Howie Roseman was once a draft genius with the likes of John Schneider.

Unfortunately while Schneider continues to excel despite rough times, Roseman and Pederson are falling further behind and are at the risk of not even being allowed a cheesesteak in town.

Injuries are always part of the equation but lack of depth was highlighted in the first two games. Eight sacks by Washington in Week 1 and then the Los Angeles Rams enabling the game to resemble flag football.

Not to mention LA did all of this in Philadelphia. With or without fans, the boo birds too flight and never ended their calls of disappointment.

The defense isn’t helping either. After the departure of leader Malcom Jenkins, the secondary isn’t as vaunted and now resembles empty wings.

Offensive tackle Lane Johnson made fun of the Patriots a couple of years ago by proclaiming he’d rather only win one Super Bowl. Now those words are coming to life. Be careful what you wish for.

Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow is up next on the schedule. If Philly doesn’t get it together by then and loses to drop to 0-3, the coach’s hot seat will get hot enough that change could be on the horizon.

And the fan’s words will certainly sting worse should that happen.