ORLANDO- James Harden turned the Orlando Bubble into NBA2K rookie mode against the top seed in the West.

The guard with the beard dropped 39 points as Houston grabbed a dominant 113-97 win over Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Rockets now move to 43-25 while Los Angeles falls to 51-17 on the season. Though the Lakers have the #1 seed in the West, it didn’t look like it.

Forget the fact that Lebron James sat out the game while Anthony Davis and Kyle Karrie the load, look back at what happened against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A team that was thought to have not been even competitive not only has made a strong run in the West but pushed the Lakers to uncertainty.

Add that with the Rockets performance and you have a case of two straight games where the Lakers have given up over 100 points while failing to cross it themselves.

The defense of the three point shooting is unbelievable which has caused many Lakers fans in the national media to go scrambling for nuggets.

Meanwhile Harden and Thunder star Chris Paul have relished their team’s performances and their depth playing with positive consistency.

It’s also worth noting that the Rockets dropped 13 3- point shots in the first half of Thursday night’s game. Although the Lakers pulled to within a five point deficit in the 4th quarter, Houston hit the turbo booster and cruised off into the win.

The NBA playoffs are inching closer and closer. While both teams have essentially placed themselves for postseason competition, these final regular season games are more about gaining confidence and possibly exposing each other’s weaknesses.

LA does not want a first round exit and it will take better play to avoid that. Houston meanwhile, looks to erase their postseason demons and consistent performances like the Laker game can help eclipse that.

The Lakers now look towards a Saturday matchup with the Pacers while the Rockets are set to tip off against the Kings on Sunday.