SEATTLE- Hockey has returned to the pacific northwest with a sound that resembles the powerful waters.


The NHL announced the name of its newest expansion team on Thursday. The team colors are “deep sea blue, ice blue” along with “boundless blue, shadow blue and red alert” as accent colors. In other words, a lot of blue. — That sounds perfect for an ocean theme.

Seattle also released three logos, including the “S” that pays homage to the history of hockey in the city (Seattle Metropolitans), details of a single tentacle inside the letter, an anchor with the iconic city Space Needle mixed in the design and a third with the “Seattle Kraken” name.

Seattle CEO Tod Leiweke says the decision was primarily based upon the fan support and that the community has a large input in the decisions.

“The Kraken is a name born of the fans. It was suggested and championed by the fans,” Leiweke said.

Those who don’t know what the Kraken is, think of a very large octopus under the sea that can destroy a ship in turbulent waters.

The kraken’s more ancient origins are in Nordic folklore. The earliest written reference to the kraken goes all the way back to 1180, according to paleontologist Rodrigo Brincalepe Salvador.

Salvador wrote that that the kraken is “perhaps the largest monster ever imagined by mankind,” It was said that the kraken patroled the northern seas surrounding Norway, Iceland and even Greenland where it periodically surfaced to destroy ships with its mast-sized arms or suck vessels down to briney oblivion in a colossal whirlpool.

Carl Linnaeus, considered to be the father of modern taxonomy, classified the kraken as a cephalopod, the group that includes octopuses, squid and cuttlefish.

In other words, a terrifying beast from the deep whose legend resides in the deep waters of the west.

Fans were not the only ones excited about the new name. The joy spread through the staff who have been assigned to work under the franchise as they prepare for the upcoming expansion draft and official gameplay in the 2021-2022 season where the Kraken will play in the newly renovated Climate Pledge Arena, once home to the then Seattle Supersonics of the NBA.

“The truth is hockey’s always been here,” VP of Marketing Heidi Dettmer says. “A sleeping giant ready to be awoken”.

After the city was awarded an expansion team in December 2018, members began to work on finding a true name for the team that would represent their past, present, and future. Majority owner David Bonderman, along with others, spent 18 months researching and considered more than 1,200 possible names and 215,000 fan votes.

The logo, in partner with Adidas pays tribute to the Metropolitans, the first American hockey club to raise the Stanley Cup in 1917. Fans have clamored for some form of blue or green in the logo. They got a lot of blue.

“We knew that the connection to the Seattle Metropolitans was important,” said Nic Corbett, director of NHL relations for adidas Hockey.

The expansion draft for the Seattle Kraken will be held in June 2021 with the same rules held for the Vegas Golden Knights, only Vegas will be exempt from the draft. Seattle will officially descend upon the league in October 2021.