WASHINGTON DC- The name change story for Washington DC football paled in comparison to what surfaced from the Washington Post early Thursday afternoon.

15 women have now come forward detailing close to a decade and a half of abuse from personnel in the formerly named Redskins department.

These allegations run from 2006 to 2019, a span that covers most of Daniel Snyder’s tenure as owner of the team since he purchased the club in 1999.

Emily Applegate is one of the 15 and has recently described her experience to the Post as terrifying and was afraid to speak as the fear of losing a job went through her mind.

“I needed to keep my job,” she said. “When it comes down to it, 98 percent of people make decisions on stuff like this based on needing to keep their jobs … which is why this stuff goes on for so long.”

Among the men accused of harassment and verbal abuse are many former members of Snyder’s inner circle. Two being part of the personnel department.

Larry Michael, the longtime radio voice who abruptly announced retirement after 16 years with the team was among those listed.

In addition, Alex Santos who was the club’s director of pro personnel, Richard Mann II who was the assistant director of pro personnel, and Dennis Greene, former president of business operations.

In a phone interview with the Post, new coach Ron Rivera declined to discuss why both Santos and Mann were dismissed, although from what was gathered, it seems rather obvious.

No woman accused Snyder or former longtime team president Bruce Allen of inappropriate behavior with women. There is however skepticism as to whether the men were unaware of the behavior that allegedly occurred.

Julia Payne, a former assistant press secretary in the Clinton Administration, briefly served as vice president of communications for the team in 2003. Payne says she has “never been in a more hostile, manipulative, passive-aggressive environment”.

In other words, this stems far before the time frame of when allegations of misconduct began.

Snyder isn’t totally innocent as the report highlights how he behaved unprofessionally towards staff members at times, particularly towards Greene.

Snyder was even reported as mocking Greene for having been a male cheerleader in college and even asked Greene to do cartwheels for their
entertainment following a meeting.

Those who worked under Greene have animosity towards his acts of making inappropriate remarks and pressuring them to wear “revealing outfits and flirt with current and prospective suiteholders”.

Yet, they also were aware of the tremendous pressure Greene felt from Snyder to sell expensive and luxury seats at FedEx Field. Considering the record that has been put on the field by the product, that’s a stressful job. Still, it does not warrant such behavior.

However, not all the employees were treating women with no regard. Applegate regards Eric Schaffer, the recently departed general counsel and senior vice president as one of the few male team executives who treated her well.

Schaffer has yet to comment on the issue, but it believed that he did not file a complaint due to similar reasons as to why Applegate did not come forward earlier.

Snyder released a statement on Friday in regards to the matter.

The issue of the name change in Washington had been the hot topic. But now, it looks as if another incident of workplace harassment has taken over in the professional world, and for the NFL, it’s an extremely bad look.

More details are expected to follow. As of now, the capital of the country is now the capital of a football team horror story.