BOSTON- A star player in the National Football League deserves his money but may not get it due to a teammate’s looming deal.

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones is in line for a huge payday, but is facing the shocking reality.

The former Mississippi State standout could be on his way to the couch because of not coming through with a deal. This in due part to a looming extension for reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahommes.

Jones made it very clear that he wants a new contract and rightfully so, given the fact that he has been an anchor on a usually criticized Chiefs defense.

Since his arrival to the kingdom of red souls, Jones has been a headache for offensive linemen, especially in the AFC West.

Jones believes he’s a $20 million-per-year player. A rank that is usually reserved for top notch players such as Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald, and Von Miller. In fairness, he deserves that money.

Jones mentioned friend and New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell in his quest for more money. Those will recall Bell holding out for the entire 2018 season with Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bell never signed his franchise tag and eventually became a free agent. There is, however, a big difference between Jones’ situation and Bell’s.

Jones would need to sit out for two seasons in a row in order to hit free agency while Bell only needed one. That would cause a dent in the pocket.

It’s possible a deal could be reached but that would cause Kansas City to lose other players at key positions. The salary cap is a champion’s best friend or in this case, it’s worst enemy.

The deadline to sign a long term deal with the team is July 15. The clock is ticking.