BOSTON- The feeling among the citizens in the United States is a feeling of desperation.

Being shackled in your home while the pandemic wreaks havoc and distraught on events that were to be planned in the summer and celebrations of life achievements being dropped.

With states entering Phase 1, 2, or even 3 of re-opening, families have been rushing to meet with people and salvage whatever level of enjoyment that they can. Unfortunately, it is coming at a cost.

Certain states’ such as North Carolina reopening have only spiked the positive cases of COVID-19 and could affect other states .

The governors of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey say the coronavirus infection rate in North Carolina is high enough that travelers to those states will be required to quarantine for 14 days per New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

WTVD-TV, the ABC affiliate in North Carolina, announced that the state confirmed 1,721 new COVID-19 cases–the second highest number of cases reported in a single day since the start of the pandemic. 56,174 cases have now been confirmed across the state.

California reported more than 6,000 infections on Jun 23, the largest single-day count in the state since the pandemic hit the U.S.

Orders of quarantine have been issued and individual states have issued their own statements regarding travel.

States such as Virginia have seen their fair share of cases, yet recent statistics show that the state has seen a decrease in cases following governor Ralph Northam’s policies on social distancing.

The CDC reports that the US currently has over 2.3 million cases and over 121,000 deaths. New York still leads the way with over 214,000 cases. Massachusetts is one of many states with over 100,000 cases. Virginia currently has close to 60,000 cases.

North Carolina has more than 50,000 cases but confirmed close to 9,300 cases just last week. A majority can be tied to travelers arriving to or hanging at the beach before the 4th of July holiday in addition to not taking the proper quarantine measures.

This leaves us with many questions. Why are people so adamant on going out to the beach and celebrating with friends without taking the proper measures for health?

Why are we in such a rush to go back to our own lives? Why are we not taking others into consideration when making a choice?

In addition, with sports starting up and players being diagnosed as positive with the coronavirus, why must they start up now when in a short period of time, it could come crashing down and may not re-start for a longer period of time?

It all comes back to one word: DESPARATION.

We get it, no one likes to be stuck inside the house all the time. No one is happy without a source of entertainment such as sports which in some people’s case, a source of income for financial stability and the ability to survive in this economy.

Those incidents aside, the reality has set in. The lack of sensitivity by those whose minds seem to revolve around themselves has engulfed society. No celebrations or parties or gatherings mean lashing out by disobeying orders and proceeding forward with their plans further risking their health.

Is it really that hard to wear a mask in public? If the mask you currently have in your house is not comfortable, then why not make a mask that suits you? There’s no rule saying a mask has to have a certain material.

Plus, is it really that difficult to wash hands? No soap and no toilet paper should not be used as an excuse. Just find a way to work it. In addition, is it really necessary to go to the beach or party with beer at the bar this year? Can’t it wait until we get better? Just a suggestion.

The world is in a stage that a lot of people have not experienced with lives being lost and jobs being terminated. We are responsible for our actions and we can correct out actions to steer ourselves towards progress.

The data does not lie, our actions of wanting to go out too soon has only spiked up cases and possible deaths. It’s too late to change the past, but not too late to change the future.

Stay safe and follow the orders, it will not last forever, unless we want it to. The choice is yours.