BOSTON- The NBA is set to resume in Florida at Walt Disney World with precautions being taken to create a “bubble atmosphere”.

This is to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus which has had a recent spike of cases in the state of Florida. But one commentator proposed a different location, and not a good choice.

ESPN’s Stephen A Smith spoke with a large smile and laughed on First Take proposing that the NBA season must continue in of all places, New York City.

Excuse me, you want the NBA season to continue in the one place in America where despite every cautious approach, the place that has had the MOST cases confirmed since the inception of the virus?

Even after all precautions are set in place in Florida to be as strict as possible, you want all of that thrown out the window and sent to a place where nothing is set in stone for safety?

Viewers on television were seemingly face-palming and wondering why would the NBA do that. In addition to that, the fans took it to twitter to voice displeasure towards the statement.

In fairness, the state’s cases have gone down significantly since the start of the spread. Business have opened up and life has resumed.

However, the league has already cancelled two events in New York with the draft lottery and the draft itself. With no plan in place for New York and a plan already established in Florida, why would the league change it now?

Granted, the spike in cases in Florida combined with the latest involving social issues in the United States have players questioning whether or not to even go to Walt Disney World to play.

Still, no player is going to New York considering the state does not want another wave of the epidemic.

In the case of Smith, it just might be because it’s only one of the few cities he enjoys traveling to such as Los Angeles or Miami. It’s already been publicly shown about his dislike for smaller basketball cities such as Milwaukee or New Orleans.

It could also be regarding the fact that he wants the stars in the Big Apple, something that has not happened to his New York Knicks since they lost in the 1999 NBA Finals.

Sorry Mr.Smith, New York is not hosting the NBA during the pandemic. Wishful thinking, but like the Knicks and the draft lottery, your wish is not the NBA’s command.