RICHMOND- The United States is under attack again, this time by their own people.

Friday night’s riots in Atlanta has the nation under a panic attack as well a state of disbelief.

The riots are in response to the unlawful killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer. The officer, Derek Chauvin, was later fired and taken into custody on a third degree murder charge.

Former Senator Al Franken summed it up best in a recent interview with CNN. This isn’t one city, it’s a national issue.

“The anger that you’re seeing, the frustration that you’re seeing is completely understandable,” says Franken, reacting to protests erupting across the US over the death of George Floyd. “This is not Minneapolis. This is a national problem.

Also in Atlanta, the historic College Football Hall of Fame building was burglarized and damaged with several items missing. Buildings in Minneapolis suffered greatly with being broken into.

In addition to Atlanta, multiple cities including Richmond had their own version of protests towards police.

The protests also hit the nation’s capital when officers had to restrain crowds while enduring fireworks being thrown in their direction.

Arrests were made in New York City as hundreds of protesters fanned out around Lower Manhattan. In Brooklyn, officers struggled with demonstrators, holding some down on the ground, amid screams.

In Louisville, a reporter and her camera crew were caught on camera having officials shoot directly at them while wearing secret service protection. The protests were in response to the death in March of Breonna Taylor.

The United States had their own war going on, within themselves. The escalation continues to grow, but progress is yet to be found.

Lives are being cut short while officers with their weapons and power run through the streets in an attempt to preserve order, but in vain.

The country is going through a battle and it is over an issue that was thought to have been fixed, only to find out the intensity of the issue remains virtually the same.

Sadly, Dr Martin Luther King and all the Civil Rights advocates who died for what they believed in, are rolling over with tears in their lost eyes.

This was supposed to change, but in vain. 2020 has been a year of horrors and nightmares, and what’s scary is that no one knows what will occur next.