RICHMOND- The officer directly involved in the death of George Floyd is no stranger to inconceivable use of force, and neither is our country.

Former Minneapolis police offer Derek Chauvin was fired Tuesday after it was determined that he was responsible for holding his neck down on Floyd while Floyd begged for his life.

The situation only escalates in negative publicity not only for its racism, but for the discovery that Chauvin has participated in these types of incidents previously without any repercussions.

Chauvin was a 19-year department veteran who was the subject of a dozen police conduct complaints.

WCCO, the CBS affiliate in Minnesota reported that Chauvin was one of five officers cleared a police involved shooting in Little Earth.

Journalist Tony Webster reports that Chauvin received two letters of reprimand in 2007, and was orally reprimanded in 2003 on multiple occasions for allegations of using a demeaning tone and derogatory language. A further seven complaints were made against him, with the cases closed with no action taken.

Retired officer Mylan Masson said in an interview with NBC News that she believes Chauvin’s disciplinary record will be brought up in any legal proceedings that follow.

While all this information is being released to the public, the same question continues to arise in everyone’s mind.

“Why was he not fired for his previous incidents?”

The bigger question however takes a different turn. “Why do law officials get paid leave without ever truly facing the consequences for their actions”?

There’s no answer that can be uttered which will sway away from what the truth really is. There is no justifiable reason.

It’s possible that the law officials will come out with a statement at some point in the near future saying “justice will be served and change is in order”.

It’s 2020. We’ve had nearly 400 years to change this narrative from colonial times, war in our country, the civil rights movement. All this time to find ourselves as equals.

It’s not going anywhere and it’s unfortunate that many lost their reputations and dreams and in some cases their lives in trying to preach this cause.

Gauvin might very well be behind bars soon, but the real punishment is on the citizens of the US. We haven’t changed as much as we wanted, and now the price is being paid.

The heart goes out to George Floyd. He deserves justice. Hope is that it will come sooner than later. As of right now, it doesn’t appear that way.