RICHMOND- The NCAA can be both hypocritical and harsh when it comes to deciding penalties for rule breaking.

The Lumberjacks of Stephen F Austin got the harsh treatment in response to their latest scandal.

This latest violation will cost the institution tens of thousands of dollars, the ability to compete in various sports postseasons, and a large number of athletic scholarships.

SFA now has to vacate 289 wins and conference championships due to inaccurately certifying players’ eligibility from 2013-2019.

The list of vacated wins include the following: 117 men’s basketball wins (including their 2016 NCAA tournament victory), 112 baseball wins, 31 softball wins, 29 football wins, and three men’s basketball conference championships.

In total, 82 student athletes were incorrectly certified as “eligible” over the period in question.

Men’s basketball will serve ban in 2021-22 and football will serve the ban in 2020-2021. Other programs will have their season bans determined by the NCAA.

What about Kansas and their transgressions however? Where’s their penalty? None. Nothing. Just a blast of sound.

The tiny school however, will lose it all. Does that tell you enough about the NCAA? If not, at least this will tell you something.

The victories have been chopped down from the tree and now it is bare. The bully got on the weak again, and it’s just a sad sight to see.