RICHMOND- There’s never been a more appropriate time to reward teachers for their work than during the covid pandemic.

Jeopardy has that covered by saluting 15 of the nation’s best teachers in the annual Teacher’s Tournament with the grand prize of $100,000 to whomever walks away as the champion.

The covid-pandemic has eliminated the possibility of the teachers watching along with their students in a classroom, but the zoom connections are in full swing as the competition gets underway.

The tournament will air from May 25th-June 5th in the same format as many other tournaments. Five quarterfinal games with five winners and four wild card advancing to the semi-finals.

From that point, only the three winners in the semi-finals get to the move on to the finals. Tiebreakers are available if necessary. In the finals, it will be a two game total, with the highest score after two days becoming the champion. 2nd will receive $50,000 and 3rd is guaranteed at least $25,000.

$10,000 for anyone who makes the semi-finals and an automatic $5,000 for anyone who made the tournament in general.

Here are the matchups for Week 1:

5/25: Amanda Baltimore, a 7th grade science teacher from Cocoa Beach FL vs Peter Gouveia, a 7th grade english teacher from Rye NY vs Ivory Johnson, a high school social studies teacher from Hollandale MS.

5/26: Meggie Kwait, a middle school humanities teacher from New York NY vs Katie Labarge, a high school science teacher from Cambridge MA vs Sam Matson, a high school english teacher from Cookeville TN.

5/27: Jenna Hall, a high school english teacher from Seaside CA, Will Satterwhite, a secondary school band and choir teacher from Vinton VA, vs Lauren Schneider Lipton, a high school health teacher from Seattle WA.

5/28: Ben Henri, a secondary school vocal teacher from Saint Claire Shores MI vs Matt Joyal, a high school history teacher from Hampstead NH vs Mary Kate Trausch, a high school science teacher from Vernon Hills IL.

5/29: Jong Ho Kim, a high school math teacher from Lombard IL vs Anne Pulju, a high school english teacher from Sandy Spring MD vs Allison Thomas, a seventh grade civics teacher from Port Saint Lucie FL.

We all have a greater appreciation for our teachers after this period, and what better way to reward them than with a game and the opportunity to win some cash?

Tune into your local affiliate that broadcasts Jeopardy! and see which teacher is at the top of the class and at the top of their game.