RICHMOND- The Last Dance has concluded, as has one debate in sports that was constantly brewing through each episode.

The debate of Lebron James vs Michael Jordan as being the GOAT has been put to rest. The answer is obvious.

It’s Jordan. It’s a wrap, there’s nothing else that can be said to persuade the other side.

The final two episodes aired on Sunday night and fans from both sides took to social media to either praise their guy or despise the other.

Personal feelings can be had, but social media isn’t a place to cry and throw a tantrum.

It also bears mentioning that each side does have a point. That said, the James fanbase is disappointed with their loss.

However, fans like Shannon Sharpe used small bits from the last two episodes to try and salvage their goat argument for James while attempting to bring down Michael.

From the final two episodes, that measly snip is all you fully understand from an entire documentary?

Did he forget that Kerr has always referred to Michael as the greatest ever? Or was that lost in the Hennessy bottle? Just a question.

Sharpe isn’t the only fan like this, albeit he is one of the more prominent ones. Fellow media member Nick Wright has taken multiple shots at Jordan only to be laughed at.

It’s fair to say Jordan was a cold blooded individual, and Jordan fans can be toxic. Sure. But the resume speaks for itself. In addition, there are multiple reasons beyond this documentary that prove why the Bulls legend is greater.

Do not mention the 3-1 comeback unless you mention how self appointing yourself following that game gives Lebron the edge. This isn’t The Shop. This is the truth.

You want the cold hard facts, then do us a favor and actually understand as opposed to the media fans of James who neglect to grasp the truth.

Reason 1 is the mindset. Do both guys want to win? There’s no doubt they both do. Everyone wants to win in this league, but there are seperate layers that are tossed aside.

Each of those layers is just another building block of fact that is placed down to cement the foundation.

Every time Jordan took the court, it felt like he was playing in the Game 7 of the NBA finals. Although, it should be noted that a final series featuring Jordan never went beyond a game 6.

Jordan was a general on the court similar to the great George Washington who only cared about winning regardless of how he came across.

Was Jordan perfect as a human being? No. That doesn’t give the Lebron fanbase a license to automatically put Jordan down.

Jordan would give nothing less than 100% whether the outcome was in his favor or not. That mentality doesn’t just work in sports, but in life as well.

In the case of James, it’s a night of dazzle and awe that can be eye appealing with the ra-ra team spirit exercises done by James towards his teammates.

Certainly, encouragement is a great part of moral behavior, but it’s not show friends. It’s show business, and the wins matter. No pouting, no passive aggressive media favoring, nothing.

Reason 2 is the success and resume. Both players were extremely successful, often leading their teams to the top of their conference.

Where it parts is the level of competition. A highway to the finals for Lebron while a New York City replica of a traffic jam for Michael.

Need we remind everyone that Lebron had to form a super team on his own? Jordan didn’t need to do that?

“But what about Dennis Rodman?!”, say the Lebron fans.

Not so fast, that was ownership doing the wheeling and dealing, compared to the AAU mentality of the 21st century.

Jordan has gone to the NBA Finals six times in his career and has won each time including MVP honors.

On the other hand, LeBron has reached the NBA Finals nine times and has a record of 3-6. All wins coming through favorable circumstances.

Reason 3 is pressure perseverance. Jordan rarely deferred when the game was on the line. The ball needed to be in Jordan’s hands for him to determine the future.

“Wait!!” cry the Lebron fans. “What about Steve Kerr and John Paxson?!”. “Why didn’t Jordan do those shots”.

The play was designed to go to those players even before Jordan got a chance. He looked to make those plays himself before deferring the ball.

On the flip side, Lebron needed Ray Allen to save him in 2013. In addition, the 2011 finals where the meltdown occurred vs Dallas? Sorry, that doesn’t help.

“But Michael needed help too!!,” they shout. “Lebron can win with anyone!!”.

Yes and no. Yes, it should be noted that his only other all-star teammate was Scottie Pippen. Lebron had superstar players surrounding him at every turn.

Did the Lebron fans forget that Jordan praised Scottie for his play during his hall of fame speech in 2009? He did, and very eloquently.

But Lebron could win with anyone? Sorry, he needed all stars alongside him, and it should be noted that weak competition within the conference can masquerade weaknesses until legit opposition makes a debut.

Jordan took both praise and blame while Lebron has only wanted praise and deferred all blame. Having friends in the media certainly helps James.

Reason 4 is the biggest of them all. The Impact. Some will cry that when Jordan left in 1993, the Bulls were dominant still as opposed to Lebron leaving and the Cavaliers losing.

Ok fine, but in each era, why did many stars fail to win vs Jordan and why did so many guys win in the era of Lebron?

Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls is the greatest NBA player in history. There are those who will come close, but with no cigar.

Lebron James is great, no question. But he will never pass Michael. It must hurt to hear for the Lebron fanbase, but as always, the cold truth hurts.