RICHMOND- Sports dynasties are considered to be sacred with their legacy cemented among the greats in history.

When a dynasty involves off the field issues however, the tables take a turn for the worse.

Imagine winning three Super Bowls in four years, now imagine four arrests in five days.

Say what? Four players arrested in five days?! Correct, and they all are NFL players. Not a good look for Roger Goodell.

Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Ed Oliver was arrested Saturday night in Houston on charges of DWI and illegally carrying a weapon. The Montgomery county police department is classifying both charges as misdemeanors.

Oliver joins Cody Latiner, DeAndre Baker, and Quinton Dunbar to become the 4th NFL Player arrested in the last five days. A dynasty of cuffs.

Is it fair to say that the NFL officially has a violence problem? Yes, and this weekends incidents only provide additional proof.

Though Baker and Dunbar deny any involvement in their case , conviction in court could spell the end of their days let alone their NFL careers.

CCN conducted a study and found that since 2000, various NFL players have been arrested 855 times. It was also reported that 215 arrests were for DUI charges, 99 were for drug charges, 96 were for domestic violence cases, and 71 were for assaults.

Did we forget to mention that two of those cases involved murder. You can figure those out yourself?

There has to be something done. There is a problem, overall, with violence in the league. And it comes back to the commissioner.

Instead of talking about his iron first philosophy, why not implement it in a scenario like this, where self anointed entitlement by NFL players should be considered a crime in and of itself.

In addition, this is a quarantine period. You are supposed to stay home. And you leave the house to not get groceries but commit a crime?

No matter your profession, no matter who you are, you have a responsibility as a grown adult to hold yourself to a high standard. It doesn’t matter your occupation.

The NFL didn’t get that memo and distribute it to their players, or they just gave out snippets. Either way, they look very bad and it’s only going to get worse if things don’t change.

For now, we can only sit back and report the news. And it isn’t good news.

One more thing, did we notice all these arrested players wear blue as part of their team’s primary color? A case of “Blue Steel”.