RICHMOND- The 21st century can be best described as the era where people succumb to their emotions and think of themselves as high intellects.

The era where the people who truly believe they are the smartest, when in reality, they might be at the bottom. But when it comes to sports, the data shines brightest.

Fans have their favorites and their dislikes. Some are calm, some are loud, some are passionate, and some are neutral. But there are fans who come across as delusional.

FS1’s Shannon Sharpe, the Hall of Fame Tight End who was a star for the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos, is back to his old tricks as the delusional one.

His unabashed love for Lebron James is to be commended as is his stance on the issues in America along with his outstanding NFL career.

Sharpe has made it very clear in recent years that he is a big fan of James. He has several No. 23 jerseys hanging in his home.

As it pertains to his love for James, it is safe to say that he might have gone overboard to the point of embarrassing himself.

The Last Dance documentary regarding NBA superstar and legend Michael Jordan has got Sharpe and the NBA fans across the world in an uproar of either approval or disbelief.

Why the opposites? It is perceived as a a threat to an idol of Sharpe and others in Lebron James, who is the modern version’s great player.

Or, it’s perceived as a threat to Jordan being recognized as the greatest. Maybe it enhances both sides of the equation.

Each group has a case for their side, although the Jordan fanbase looks to have a slight advantage at this point.

Some have referred to James as the greatest of all time, and this documentary has some fans on twitter switching allegiances, causing other fans of the Lakers star to show bias on television and in the media in attempts to defend their star or trash Jordan.

“Ammunition” to the bashing arrived in the form of Celtics legend Kevin McHale whose recent comments on Jordan has Sharpe and his fellow James fans going on the attack.

McHale says that the documentary shows that Jordan’s Bulls “complainer a lot”. Sharpe took the advantage to laugh at Jordan and further attempt to tarnish his name.

Not so fast.

Kevin McHale can say this because he had the full arsenal of Larry Bird, Robert Parrish, and Dennis Johnson by his side. Michael was simply a rookie and a one man team at the time.

Sharpe tried to go even further with the ridicule only for co-host and noted Jordan supporter Skip Bayless to inform him of his complete delusional attitude and tell him to stop it.

A grown man obsessing over another grown man when the other man is married? Welcome to the 21st century.

“But Jordan is a bully and a bad leader!!”, cries the Lebron fanbase. “He had all the help” as Sharpe stated. “Lebron has nothing and he still won” they shout from the rooftop.

Give us a break.

The biggest spew of displeasure for Jordan in favor of Lebron from Sharpe was when he proclaimed that the Lakers’ star has dealt with situations that Jordan never faced during his career.

Wait a second, did he say that? Michael never faced any issues as a player? Man, that is some bulljive.

Yes the Celtics in the early 80’s and the Bad Boy Pistons had something to do with it, but Jordan was a single star.

Plus, the game was more physical back then compared to the tissue paper like system installed in today’s game.

Lebron did it best right? Never got swept in the first round like Jordan did right? Easy to occur when your competition in the conference is lacking compared to you. That’s not a knock on James, but towards his fans.

To say that the Lakers, Trail Blazers, Suns, Sonics, and Jazz teams that Jordan endured in the finals on his way to six titles with six MVP’s is nothing ranks among the highest levels of ignorance in America.

Not to mention the physicality of the Magic and Knicks and Pacers teams that stood in his way, and to a lesser degree the Cavaliers. There’s no debate.

In all 9 of Lebron James’ finals appearances, he was the favorite three times…….and lost all three (2011 vs Dallas, 2014 vs San Antonio, and 2015 vs Golden State).

Did we forget to mention that James has the best teammates when he took his talents to Miami and only scored eight points in a finals game? That’s not goat-like.

To be fair, Jordan did deprive Horace Grant of food after a bad game and punched Steve Kerr once, and no one is forgiving him, not even the die hard fans.

Yes, the Jordan fans are also not innocent here, given how they go at Lebron for his failures and how his ruthless style was seen as unforgiving and sometimes out of bounds. They like their idol, can be voracious when defending their man.

But to say that those actions automatically overshadow what Jordan did on the basketball court and push Lebron ahead of him…is disastrously palpable.

The Pistons may have their bad blood, but walking off the court without shaking hands after being swept doesn’t help their case, and this documentary doesn’t help the Lebron fanbase either.

Jordan was not perfect, nor was he the greatest model citizen in US history, but he is the greatest player in NBA history.

Debate all you want, but your chances as low as the Jazz fans were when the shot was hit in 1998.

As for Sharpe and his fellow Lebron fanbase members… the coronavirus, the cruel and cold realization has seeped in and is trying to be ignored and cured.

Sorry, it’s over. Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history, not Lebron James. The final buzzer has sounded. You may leave the court.