RICHMOND- Jonathan Panda is a track star at Virginia Commonwealth University. Before his season could be completed, he like other spring athletes’, had their season suddenly cut short due to the coronavirus.

“At first I was mad because this was a big year for track and field,” Panda said. “But then I realized that this thing is serious and if this is what it takes to stop the streaks of death then I’m fine with it.”

The coronavirus outbreak during spring break sent the junior and his fellow classmates home. With states shutting down and cases increasing as states attempt to open up, the realization that the season was over began to creep in.

While away from the track and the campus, Panda knew he could not sit around and grieve, so he resorted to creating a YouTube Channel with the intent of giving back to the community.

Panda majors in biology focusing on physical therapy. In addition, he is pursuing a minor in media studies. He uses both areas in his videos as he keeps himself occupied and boosts confidence in others.

Currently the channel has over 400 subscribers and is filled with videos on training regimens such as daily exercises and calisthenics. Panda says calisthenics helped him stay in shape.

“I created this channel to help people make a change in life as calisthenics made a change in my life by staying healthy” Panda said.

Panda’s channel is not limited to workouts. As a media studies minor, it’s also a place for a potential reel in sports.

“My channel is for everything I do including interviews with athletes although a majority of them are workouts,” Panda said.

Panda is just like many other athletes who find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. In addition to losing the rest of season, many athletes, particularly seniors lost their graduation celebrations and potential job opportunities.

With the world primarily resorting to a digital platform, college students like Panda, are talking advantage by making their work go online. Others have created blogs to showcase their work through a writing platform.

When asked about how why he is well prepared to handle this issue, Panda credits his work ethic and his willingness to be ready for any challenge including a potential return for his senior season once the pandemic clears.

“I’ve been doing this research on physical therapy and working out to make sure I’m occupied and make my future better business wise and be more prepared for next year,” Panda said. “We saw that the US was not prepared for this and so I feel that I should make sure that I’m prepared”.

To find out more about Jonathan’s channel, visit it on YouTube or send him an email.