RICHMOND: If you donned the Chicago orange and blue, you have mixed feelings about past quarterback Jay Cutler.

The positives was an NFC Championship appearance and his physical traits. The negatives however were the notions of Cutler being unmotivated and only wanting money.

For all his negatives, Cutler’s best attribute is doing good deeds for children. With three kids, he has spent his retirement and his money on being a father to his kids.

This resonates with fans as they are doing something they never thought they would do for Jay, especially following his recent divorce from movie star Kristin Cavallari.

The Chicago Bears fanbase for arguably the first time ever, are siding with Cutler following the latest details and the comments made after the divorce went public.

What makes this more interesting is the fact that some who were critical of Cutler are taking his side. (Not Stephen A Smith).

A report claimed that Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari’s divorce was due in part to the fact that Cutler was allegedly “lazy” and “unmotivated.” according to Cavallari.

In fairness to Cavallari, all that could be said by Bears fans about Cutler’s play on the field. None of that is true off the field.

No reports have ever accused Cutler as an issue off the field or any trouble with the law. In fact, Curler has been a model citizen off the field.

In an interview with, Cutler’s fans defended the former football player, with many saying that he deserved to not work if he wishes after making over $120 million into his 30’s.

It appears that Cutler does have the upper hand in addition to announcing how he froze all the bank accounts to avoid letting Cavallari take $5 million to “build her own mansion”.

Cutler even left her the solemn statement of “Get a Job”. Ouch that’s a stinger.

While Cavallari does have her own TV series, the salary isn’t much compared to Cutler’s football intake.

Fair to say Jay will win this as details look to be in his favor right now, unless Cavallari pulls off an incredible comeback similar to Cutler’s 2014 comeback against San Francisco.

Rock on Jay. Unlike when you were a player, the Chicago fans are actually behind you this time.