RICHMOND- TMZ can be either your best friend in sources or an enemy delivering bad news (ask fans of Kobe Bryant).

It also can expose a man for having an affair when already married. The latest victim? Baltimore Ravens safety and former Super Bowl Champion Earl Thomas.

TMZ released a story last night about how Thomas was held at gunpoint by wife after an alleged affair was discovered.

Court documents detailed how police in Austin, Texas arrived at the house on April 13 and released a statement regarding the individuals in the house.

Authorities identified “a black female wearing an orange sweater with a knife in her hand” as Nina Thomas. Thomas was chasing “a shirtless black male” later identified as Earl “with a pistol in his hand around a vehicle”.

Once the authorities soothed the situation however, the rest of the details become murkier. Beginning was the classic dispute of he said- she said.

Nina Thomas claimed that the pro bowl safety left the house after being picked up by his brother and later decided to track his whereabouts through the Snapchat App.

Thomas found the location and seized control of Earl’s pistol with the intent to scare. The weapon was identified as a 9mm Berretta, known for its accuracy.

Thomas found Earl and his brother according to her, “naked with other women in bed”.

One of the women in the incident allegedly showed authorities a video of Nina pointing the gun at Earl’s head “from less than a foot away”.

The Ravens defensive back was able to wrestle the gun away, avoiding a possible tragedy. The video also portrayed Nina striking Earl in the nose.

Cops also spoke with Earl who mentioned that Nina repeatedly struck him while attempting to remove the firearm from her possession.

As more details emerged from the incident, the tables kept turning. In the end, Nina and her accomplices were arrested.

Nina was booked on charges of burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and family violence. She was later bonded out.

Earl wasn’t arrested and doesn’t look to be charged according to the released information. Safe to say, he’s a very fortunate individual AND a talented football player.

However. a valuable lesson can be learned from this incident. If you are not willing to stay committed in a relationship, please do not marry and be happy.