RICHMOND- Sunday night was the premiere of “The Last Dance”, a documentary featuring Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

It highlights the last championship run for Jordan in the 1997-1998 season when Chicago defeated the Utah Jazz on Jordan’s iconic shot.

But as we all know, it was the bloated arrogance of manager Jerry Krause along with his equally bloated body that caused a tear in the relationship between Jordan and the front office.

Coincidentally, the NFL’s greatest QB Tom Brady of the New England Patriots also has six championships. Although his departure was seen as less resentful, it was bound to happen at some point.

A documentary may very well be released on Brady at some point, but his time will come. In the meanwhile, he’s got a job in Tompa, I mean Tampa Bay.

Both men were idols in their own right. Today’s generation however, as well as people in the media who have a distaste for certain popularities, regurgitate the same narratives through social media and keyboard warriors.

Their arguments include that Lebron James is greater than Jordan while other quarterbacks who have not accomplished as much as Brady are greater than him.

Enough is enough. There’s no need to fight why emotion. Debate with facts Joe Montana is great, but to some, Brady is better. Lebron James is absolutely fantastic, but to some Jordan is better.

To me, Both Brady and Jordan should be considered the greatest of all time.

That’s right, Tom Brady and Michael Jordan are to be considered what today’s generation calls the G.O.A.T.

Not LOAT or cheater or lucky as what Brady fans hear and certainly not “unclutch” or “had all the help” as what Jordan fans endure.

You are right that each was involved in their own scandals. Tom being in “Deflategate” while Mike had the “gambling” issue. They can’t escape copability. But some of their issues were not true and blown out of proportion.

We all are entitled to our opinions and it’s fair to say that is what I believe are the greatest.

The reality is clear.It’s jealousy through social media. And the fact of the matter is simple. It’s hard to accept the truth or change because of resentment and jealousy.

Tom and Mike are cold blooded assassins. Their ability to be clutch on the field or court puts them among the all time greats and separates them from the greats as they are being considered the greatest at their respective positions.

Brady is 6-3 while Jordan is 6-0. Both are responsible for key plays in each of those championships, while Brady is responsible for the losses as well. If we go by championships, then why isn’t Bill Russell the greatest right?

That question always comes up from fans who argue against Jordan. Fans also bring up that Montana never lost and Brady did. What’s so big about this perfection talk and the same goes with Jordan fans. Is he the greatest because of 6-0? If not what is it?

It was his will to win. The Bulls team that he won with had guys that were traded for or drafted. Scottie Pippen was a draft day trade. John Paxson, although hated now, was a key contributor alongside BJ Armstrong and Horace Grant. The second go-around involved a trade for Dennis Rodman and other guys such as Toni Kukoc and now head coach Steve Kerr.

If that’s not a satisfying argument, why not look at the competition in which he faced within the Eastern Conference. Lebron James didn’t face this physically when he was in the East. Jordan faced guys like Ewing, Bird, McHale, Thomas, Dumars, Lambieer, Miller, etc. Not to mention the rough style of play?

Ouch that hurts, and then the finals against Magic, Clyde, Sir Charles, Gary Payton, and finally Stockton and Malone? Lord help me. It’s not his record that separates him or his stats, it’s his mentality that separated him and how he achieved that status.

Moving on to Tom Brady. I get it. The AFC Least right? Typical talk. Bills? Up until now, sorry. Dolphins? Nope, Sharks are better. The Jets? Please. Tom can only play who’s front of him and the same thing for anyone else. But it’s his will to win that seperates him.

Is it fair to say Deflategate plays a large role in the hate. Yes. I’ll admit as a Pats fan, I look at it as a joke. But the story did come out. So be it. Instead of getting mad, he got even. And he did it with a great comeback.

It’s easy to hate a winner. No question. But there comes a time where explaining your views lead to so much blowback that it’s impossible to have the thick skin needed to take it. The blood goes warm and you cower.

But when you see Tom and MJ and their fans will agree, they learned how to have thick skin needed to endure backlash. Beyond sports, it’s a life lesson.

Were Tom and Mike always thick skinned? No sir and the evidence shows. They also made excuses at times and that’s normal. But the Lebron fanbase excuse comes out faster than ever for him, notably after losing games and blaming teammates.

That’s been done by Jordan and Brady before, there’s no denying it. But it’s not a repeated fact, and there are those who do repeat but they don’t reveal themselves to apologists who break the story.

In the end, both men have their flaws like everyone else does. But if you were to ask me who I think are the greatest? It’d be Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr and Michael Jeffrey Jordan. You can disagree. You can agree.