RICHMOND- Be careful on your wagers and be smart. While you may go for the win, you end up losing and letting your opponent sneak by.

No one came up with the correct response in Final Jeopardy, but the wagers proved to tell the tale.

USC’s Xiaoke Ying bet small and smart and took the victory, sending the Trojans to the Jeopardy College Championship Finals.

Ying defeated Yale sophomore Nathaniel Miller Nathaniel Miller and Texas sophomore Marshall Comeaux by a score of $8,200 to $1,000 to $799

USC and Texas have Rose Bowl history while Yale doesn’t. Now USC gets their own chance at history.

Ying and Trojans now will take on Tyler Combs’ Indiana Hoosiers and Nibir Sarma’s Minnesota Golden Gophers for the top prize of $100,000.

If Ying wins the tournament, USC will win their second college championship and tie Stanford for the most all time.

Not once did Ying lead until after the final scores have been shown. Consider this one of the best comebacks in the show’s history.

Miller found the first Daily Double in “The Rocky Mountains” and only lost a small sum. Not bad but not good either.

Going into Double Jeopardy, Miller led with $5,800 to Comeaux’s $3,400 and Ying’s $2,600. Lot of cash to go.

Comeaux found the first Daily Double in “Poetry”. He doubled his score with a correct response and got himself back in the game.

On the second Daily Double in “The Elements With Style”, Comeaux missed it and lost a chunk. The game was back to its tight roots.

Going into the final round, Miller had the lead at $12,200 to Comeaux’s $11,800 and Ying’s $10,200.

This was too close to call. One clue would decide it and wagers were to be heavily considered. One misstep and game over. A correct answer would be a major advantage.

The Final Jeopardy Category: Presidential Geography. The Clue: This Midwest city is the burial place of one 19th century President & was named for a relative of another. The Answer; Cleveland, Ohio.

All three missed it with the same response of Lincoln, Nebraska. Ying wagered small and lost only a small amount.

The fellas? They went big and lost big. As a result, the Longhorns and Bulldogs are going home with $10,000.

The Trojans? A true Cinderella story of beating the odds with smarts and intelligence. Now it’s on to the finals. Sarah of the Clue Crew is certainly pleased with this result.

Up Next: THE FINALS. Indiana vs Minnesota vs USC

The Trojans have won the title before. The other two have not. The Hoosiers look to be a force. The Golden Gophers are looking to make history of their own.

Will USC tie Stanford for the most of all time? Will Indiana make their mark on the national stage? Will Minnesota pull off the small school underdog story?

It’s a two day final where every clue matters. Only one school is going home with the trophy. The tournament continues.