RICHMOND- The finals of this year’s Jeopardy College Championship will mostly feature the Big 10 Conference.

Minnesota sophomore Nibir Sarma pulled out all the stops and secured his spot in the finals, with a shot at $100,000.

Sarma defeated Ole Miss sophomore Londyn Lorenz and Hendrix junior Joe Coker by a score of $26,801 to $14,000 to $0.

Minnesota now joins Indiana in the two day final with only one spot at the table left.

Despite their best efforts, Coker and Lorenz came up short and will each be going home with $10,000.

Sarma was dominant from the opening tip and found the first Daily Double in “Book Chapters”. He bet it all and got right to have a significant lead.

Coker and Lorenz didn’t seem to catch their footing against the former wildcard semi-finalist as they (two automatic winners) fell behind fast.

Going into the Double Jeopardy round, Sarma had the lead at $9,800 to Lorenz’s $5,400 and Coker’s $2,200.

The same story regurgitated as Sarma found the first Daily Double in “Second…” With Coker making a fast comeback, he bet small but got it right.

To ensure his lead, Nibir snagged the second Daily Double in “Garden Spots”. He bet small again and got it right.

Both Coker and Lorenz chased the best they could and were able to make it a competitive game at the end of the round.

Going into final, Nibir held the lead at $22,400 while Joe had $13,400 and Londyn had $7,000. Still anyone’s game.

It would all come down to Final Jeopardy, and so far this tournament, almost every game was decided by the final clue. This would be no exception.

The Final Jeopardy Category: Country Names. The Clue: The cartographic feature from which this country gets its name passes near the town of Guayllabamba. The Answer: Ecuador.

Lorenz got it right and bet it all. Coker got it wrong and lost it all. It all came down to Sarma. If right, he wins. If not, the wager would play the role.

Sure enough, he nailed it and victory was his. Interestingly enough, even if he missed it, he still had a high enough score to win.

It’s the end of the road for the Warriors and the Rebels in their first ever College tournament, but they should be proud of their performances.

For the Golden Gophers, they will play in their first ever college championship finals. They were semi-finalists in two of their other three appearances.

Up Next: Texas vs Yale vs USC

The Longhorns and the Trojans have Rose Bowl history to date. The Bulldogs…….none of that hooplah. USC is the only one of these three to have won the college title before.

Can Xiaoke give them another shot? Can Marshall make Matthew McConaughey another shot to smile? Will Nathaniel cruise through again?

Two done, one to go. Who’s gonna face the two Big 10 dogs in the final? The tournament continues.