RICHMOND- If you get caught between two rivals, just step aside and let them clash. Then take advantage and capture a win.

Yale sophomore Nathaniel Miller took that advice and ran with it, clinching a victory in Game 2 of the Jeopardy College Championship and a spot in the semi-finals.

The Miami native defeated Florida sophomore Kayla Kalhor and Florida State junior Sophie Casarico by scores of $24,001 to $16,501 and $6,400. Kalhor is from Longwood while Casarico comes from St.Augustine.

A battle from Florida and the one who is not a rival ends up taking the victory. How’s that for a plot twist? And an early one at that.

The two ladies are now hoping that their scores will give the second-chance wild card tickets to next week’s Semi-Finals.

Two sophomores have now guaranteed themselves a spot next week. The class of 2022 is having a field day with the results so far.

Entering the competition, this match was circled on the calendar due to the proximity of the schools and the hometowns of these three players.

It’s no secret that all three schools produce respective football and basketball teams, yet none of them have produced any Jeopardy champions.

Yale came close in 2010, but finished second. FSU took 3rd in 2001 while Gator City finished as a semi-finalist in 1992 and 1994.

Early on the first round, Miller seized control with a Daily Double in “Name the Speaker”. Kalhor tried to catch up with Miller while Casarico’s buzzed speed lacked. A similar occurrence to the first game.

This game however, ended the first round with a score that was catchable as Nathaniel had an 8,400 score to Kayla’s 4,600 and Sophie’s 1,200 after the first 30 clues.

In Double Jeopardy, Kalhor struck the first Double Double in “Health and Medicine” with a chance to increase her lead of 200. Unfortunately, she missed and lost 3,000. Nathaniel would find the second Daily Double in “British Literature” and he missed it as well.

Casarico continued to be outmatched on the buzzer despite ringing in multiple times. Still, avoiding the red gave her a shot to pull off a wild card spot.

On a lighter note, fans across the globe got a small laugh with a category tribute to the famous meme towards senior citizens in “Ok Boomer”.

Going into final, the game was once again a two way race between Miller and Kalhor with Casarico tagging along. One clue left.

The subject for Final: American History. A popular subject. The Clue: A 1711 bill cleared the names of 22 people who were tried in this town, including Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey & John Proctor. The Answer: Salem, MA.

This time, all three players got the question right. Once Nathaniel got it right however, the result was obvious since Kayla didn’t wager enough to go over his score before his response was revealed, and thus the result was that.

Kalhor shouldn’t feel too disappointed as she currently leads the wild card scores and it looks like she will return next week barring any major shakeups. Looking good for the Gators.

Casarico on the other hand, ranks 3rd in the WC standings and she cannot afford to have more than one player beat her score, else it will be a swift exit for the Seminoles

For Miller, if he can replicate his performance next week, maybe the Bulldogs could have the trophy. But it’s too early to tell. Still a lot of ganes left.

Yale’s been in this tournament multiple times and sent so many players through the ranks. Miller looks to be among the best of them all.

Up next: Penn State vs Ole Miss vs UC San Diego

The Rebels are making their debut in the dance, Both the Nittany Lions and Tritons make their first debut since 2007 (Anna Han for Penn State and Harita Sudharagunta for UC San Diego) .

The tournament has started off with a bang, and the journey now continues.