RICHMOND- If you are a college senior about to graduate and graduation is cancelled, that ranks among the most discouraging instances of your life.

But if someone tells you that it’ll all be ok, don’t listen. At least not today. They aren’t in your shoes today. They don’t know what you are thinking.

Multiple universities have sent out notices to students stating that graduation would be cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This is a major blow to college students at their senior year who are now forced to come to grips with not being able to celebrate their proudest moment.

Those who were affected took to social media and have gone on to post about their frustrations about both high school and college graduations being affected.

This year has not been a great year in the United States with sports fans losing their source of entertainment combined with students losing a prized moment in life.

And there are many who will have to endure the phrases of “you will be ok” and “there’s better things ahead”.

While all of that may be true, there’s a time and place when statements like that should be made. Also, there are those who will never recover from this emotional issues.

Taking loans and spending sleepless nights, living on the simplest of food, butting heads with classmates in the mode of competition? All of these and more were some of the challenges this class has faced.

What about those whom are first generation college students, the first in their family? That sucks for those people, especially those who have senior citizens in their family who might not ever see a proud moment like this ever in their life?

You can postpone and you can even reschedule, but you can never take away from the original moment and the genuine feeling of satisfaction. You can’t ever control a person’s emotions like you think.

So forgive us if we don’t take those words of reassurance lightly now. We will in the future, but not today. There were too many memories brought back into our lives.

From the day that we first moved into a dorm and met our suite mates. A hot day in the summer followed by nights of being with friends and happily enjoying life.

For high school seniors, a chance to finally know that freedom is just a single step away.

Athletics, Academics, even for some, the great ability to just connect with new people and establish relationships that will extend beyond the classroom and campus.

For 4 years or more/less, we have endured days of not wanting to do anything but sleep and forget that hardships ever existed and unfortunately, this final year, the last big step…………was pulled out from under our steps and we fall.

How deep is the depth of the fall? No one but us can answer? For now, it feels like a wormhole of disappointing proportions.

The class of 2020 will sit here today as a group that all will shed tears and share looks of glum and angry faces. All that work and all that was taken unfairly.

Just skipping a graduation when it was still there and on does not count as “missed graduation”, that was unfortunate and it does happen. When the event is cancelled, that is far more severe and disheartening.

Families will be planning events no doubt and some grad parties will still go on, but with this law of no more large gatherings, those plans might be changed.

No caps, no gowns, no stage, and no cheers of approval. Instead, it’s hand washing, self quarantine, and avoiding close contact. That’s what 2020 graduates have to experience.

Instead of the other words regarding the future, do something that can make a great impact right now. Give the graduate your blessings and approval.

It’s a sad moment for them all and for some, no words can soften the blow. The belief that senior year would help them launch into a new way of life is gone. It all starts from the gutter now.

The Class of 2020. Resilient but heartbroken. A sad truth but like always, the truth hurts. And it really hurt this time.