RICHMOND- The outbreak of the coronavirus has spread throughout the United States.

With it, came the cancellation of many athletic and other entertaining events. For March Madness fans, it cancelled the Ivy League tournament.

But in order for the Ivy League to participate in this year’s competition, they have to send one representative. So they made a quick decision.

The Yale University Bulldogs, the champions of the regular season, will receive the automatic bid and ticket to the dance with a 23-7 record per Jon Rothstein.

“I think the NCAA and the media in general are overreacting and blowing this whole coronavirus way out of proportion”, Eric Spagnoli said. “Take some vitamins, go for a walk, and wash your hands. Everybody (including the players, coaches, staff, and fans) will be fine”.

That is fair to say as Twitter did explode with comments on how Yale was swept by Harvard and automatically moves on while the Crimson have to stay at home. Rivalries ensuing no question but the ruling stays as it is.

Yale was projected at the beginning of the Ivy League tournament to win and receive the bid. It wasn’t supposed to go like this however, but is safe to say that the Bulldogs will calmly and graciously accept this and move on while the other teams (Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia) will be a bit disappointed.

The Princeton women’s basketball team will represent the Ivy League in their tournament as they won the regular season title.

This event might not be the only cancellation or relocation as other cases continue to develop and grow. States in the east have had colleges cancel classes and move them to online teaching to prevent the spread.

The NBA, NHL, MLS, and MLB have also put in restrictions saying that members of the media would no longer be allowed into the locker room and instead be restricted to other designated areas. No word from the NFL on their plans.

There have also been discussions about playing games without fans as it is being done in Italy right now. Italy has also removed their athletes from the Olympics this year while fans won’t be able to attend the torch lighting ceremony,

“The outbreak of this virus has led to, in my opinion, an overreaction of American sports leagues and teams, leading to canceled tournaments and games possibly being played without fans”, Tyler Braunhardt said. “Safety is undoubtedly important but at what point do we draw the line?”.

For Yale, they will have to wait until Sunday to find out where they will be playing and who they will go up against. Congratulations to the Bulldogs however, and best of luck in March Madness.