RICHMOND- Shannon Sharpe is living his best life now thanks to Lebron James.

The 17 year NBA veteran scored two massive victories over top notch competition in a single weekend giving his biggest fan the opportunity to gloat.

Wins over the Milwaukee Bucks and the in-state rival Los Angeles Clippers strengthen the Lakers chances of being considered the favorites to win the title.

The 113-103 win over Milwaukee gave James a leg up in the MVP race over Giannis Antetokounmpo while the 112-103 victory over the Clippers gave James the first win over them this season.

The Lakers now have a 49-13 record and a firm grip on the top spot in the Western Conference.

The Clippers game was rescheduled due to the passing of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

As for Sharpe? Club Shay Shay was open for the biggest weekend and Sharpe, as predicted, got to gloat on his greatest weekend since Super Bowl LIV.

Since Chiefs QB Patrick Mahommes was named MVP, it proved to be a thrilling game and night for the great Broncos TE.

In the win over Milwaukee Friday night, James and fellow all-star Anthony Davis racked up monster performances, going for 37 and 30 respectively while Kyle Kuzma put up 11 points.

Against the Clippers, it was Avery Bradley who stole the show dropping 24 points off incredible 3-pt shooting while James and Davis did their thing, going for 28 points and 30 points respectively.

Both games had points when the Lakers were behind. They tied Milwaukee in the first half and were down at halftime to LAC.

But in the second, the resiliency kicked in and as a result, James and Davis took over, allowing the bench to make key contributions at the right time to secure the victory.

In all their wins this season, the Lakers have relied on both James and Davis while also having valuable contributions from the bench.

The losses have mostly been a one man show with only one of the two stars coming alive.

The season started rough and the team was struggling as they couldn’t find their groove and on top of that, the devastating loss of Bryant left a gaping hole in their hearts.

Now, it looks as if they have found the light and chose to grab that opportunity and seize control and hence, they look like the contenders that they were projected to be before the season began.

The Lakers are back in the playoffs and look respectable. After six seasons of futility, the purple and gold look to be a team that will be feared come postseason.

That said, there is no more excuses. This team has what it takes to win and all the right pieces to gel together. They have the leaders and bench so it’s only a matter of proving that they are.

Bench player Rajon Rondo is known for coming alive in the postseason so he will be expected, along with the rest of the Lakers, to step their game up.

As for Sharpe? Well it’s safe to say, he will be having some restitution tonight with Hennessy and milds.