RICHMOND- Just when you think life is getting better and change is on the horizon, the wheel spins a complete one 180 and we’re back to square one.

The New York Knicks ONCE AGAIN got in their own way. Even after new president Leon Rose got his first win against a very talented Houston Rockets squad, the headlines aren’t about the win. They are about Spike Lee.

Wait a second, are we talking about the big superfan Spike Lee? The same guy that had his feud with Reggie Miller of the Pacers? The same guy who has been sitting courtside for all these rough years and still wears his Knicks gear?

That’s him all right. And now he’s at a point where he has gone public and say that he will not attend any more Knicks games this season. Wow, that’s a mouthful, especially from a die-hard fan like Spike himself.

What did Spike do that could have caused this happen? From the visual optics, just showing up was enough to do it.

The Knicks however, released a statement regarding Spike’s actions and how going on ESPN’s First Take and playing a “victim role” was “laughable”.

In fairness to Lee, this doesn’t look like the photo was taken during the Rockets game. And Lee has never lied before in the past.

Lee was told to get off the elevator and when he still went up to the arena they asked him to leave. He kept quiet and was allowed back in after security enabled him.

Following this, the game went on as the Knicks won. But, instead of a victory trend, the PR department released that statement, hence the First Take interview.

Lee even claimed that he was “harassed” by Dolan during the game. Considering the fact that the Knicks’ behavioral history under Dolan has been given no benefit of the doubt, we have no reason not to believe Lee.

This has gone on the verge of absolute petulance. RJ Strayhand, a senior at Center Academy in Atlanta, and a writer for Sports Speaks was watching this unfold and when asked about it, he couldn’t contain himself.

“This is nothing more than a comedy” Strayhand said. “I mean you’ve got to be kidding me. How many times are these guys gonna end up in the news for stuff like this”.

He’s not wrong about this. This isn’t the first time that the New York Knicks have ended up in the headlines for something of this nature.

We saw owner James Dolan ban fans just asking him to sell the team. In fact it happened the game right after against the Utah Jazz in a 112-104 loss.

Those fans who said they were the ones kicked out, posted a video of themselves surrounded by security personnel which the Knicks denied that it was the reason for removal.

We saw Charles Oakley months ago get escorted out in handcuffs and then Dolan wrote a statement asking Oakley to get “the help he needs. Knicks denied it again but we know the truth.

Dolan even went as far as to call people out via emails. You can’t even hit delete without being so offended and responding in the manner that resembles a child’s tantrum in a store when being denied candy?

No wonder people don’t even think about New York as a market except for Brooklyn. The owner literally is a petulant child who is living off of daddy’s wealth.

“How in gods name can you be so thin-skinned in New York City of all places”, Zack Naessig of Chattanooga said. “A grown man acting like a kid? Now that’s an ESPN C’mon man right there”.

“These guys do it all man, they are a joke”, Eric Spagnoli said.

Earlier this year, multiple articles highlighted the fact there’s a comedy show in New York every day. The Knicks. Matter of fact, they’ve become everyone’s source of punchlines and jokes.

Tyler Braunhardt of the University of New Mexico is a basketball fan from day one. He says there’s no shortage of jokes from the largest media market.

“How many times are we going to pick up our phones and see alerts that the New York Knicks did something that reeks of petulance”, Braunhardt said. “Makes me laugh as a Celtics fan but seriously, that city is depressing with that team”.

ESPN themselves have resorted to burying their faces in their hands as Ramona Shelburne did after hearing the news, and also going on memorable rants like Stephen A Smith can do.

But to Dolan, you don’t like bad stuff being said right? Or lies? Ok, here’s truth and facts good sir. The team literally stinks. LITERALLY. A horrific losing record in the last 20 years except for bright spots in the playoffs a couple of years.

The only thing that does come out of that arena is the fact that security members are afraid for their jobs. They get asked to do security work the way Dolan wants them to and could lose their work if they fail.

The organization struggles always start at the top and that house might never get cleaned because the keener refuses to budge. Stubbornness and thin skin aren’t gonna cut it buddy.

Rich Eisen said it on his show and if that falls on deaf ears, then go read every newspaper article online and in the paper. It’s out there and it’s true.

The Knicks do hope that Rose and other members like Steve Stoute can help bring this brand back to respectable glory. But with recent history and current structure still in play, no chance of that happening.

“Hell no it’s not gonna change”, Justin Ramos of Rhode Island said. “There’s three things guarenteed in life: death, taxes, and Knicks incompetency”.

Ouch, that’s a mouthful. But like always, the truth hurts, and it’s getting worse by the minute.