RICHMOND- They say old habits die hard, but the consequences can be detrimental.

Journalists and media members in this day and age are known for their hot takes and brash opinions.

The latest example came from ESPN Cleveland when radio host Tony Grossi was suspended indefinitely and possibly fired after using a derogatory comment towards Browns QB Baker Mayfield.

Grossi, over a hot mic, reportedly referred to Mayfield as a “f***ing m*****.”

Since then, an apology was issued and social media continued on throughout the day.

But it still raises a big question. Why do these media have a platform to talk when their takes have largely been controversial?

Not so fast. Not everybody goes down this route.

Some people do get frustrated on the air, and they use professionalism to get through difficult topics.

There are those on the other side however, that choose to focus on regurgitating their views in attempts to sway the public in their favor and far from the truth.

Networks such as ESPN and FOX take the hiring process very seriously and want the best people to represent them.

However, based on the opinions they give, some of the people they have hired don’t sit well with fans.

Fans of the New England Patriots seem to have a lot of enemies in the media. Fittingly, by winning, they have been able to silence those critics.

One of those critics has been FS1’s Rob Parker. Parker is a well accomplished journalist and considered to be a really good man.

However, searches on the internet reveal Parker’s takes which have been highly controversial.

The situation of Kirk Cousins in college, the inappropriate comment towards Rod Marinelli, the C****** Brother comment about Robert Griffin III, the pure hatred towards Tom Brady, etc.

What about Shannon Sharpe, Max Kellerman, Jason Whitlock, etc? Are we going to forget them as well?

In 2008, former Dallas Cowboys HC Jimmy Johnson, who now works for FOX Sports, said it best about members of the media who don’t do it right.

“In every profession, you got guys that are good and all whatever and then you get jerks”, Johnson said.

The modern era that we all currently live in has many new bloggers who have taken the liberty to create their own webpages and blogs to deliver their views.

Unfortunately, with these liberties emerged travesties.

And it’s not just in football that this occurred. In fact, other sports have felt the same blow and severe discipline was enacted.

Fox Sports sideline reporter Emily Austen, who reported for the Tampa Bay Rays and Orlando Magic, was fired in 2017 after making racist statements directed toward the Mexican, Chinese, and Jewish community.

Curt Schilling also got his walking papers from ESPN after comments made towards the LGBTQ community.

In 2003, Russ Limbaugh made headlines for all the wrong reasons after stating that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb got a majority of the credit for the team’s success because of “the media’s desire for a black quarterback to succeed”.

Instantly, he was removed from his job and life at ESPN continued on.

And who could forget CBS’s Jimmy Snyder? His words? Not going to mention as it’s way out of line. But, it’s clear why he was canned.

This should serve as a reminder and a lesson to everyone who chooses to pursue a career in the media.

Create a website and express yourself, show your talents and be successful. BUT….be careful about what you say as it can come back around.

It affected these media personalities, and it can certainly affect you.