RICHMOND- Tyson Fury promised a second round knockout against Deontay Wilder.

While that didn’t occur, the previously unbeaten streak of Wilder came to an end as Fury won after a seventh-round TKO in their highly anticipated rematch Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Fury claimed the World Boxing Council belt, the only major title he had not won during his career.

“Wilder was NOT ready”, Justin Ramos said. “It showed tonight”.

Before the start of the match, Fury weighed in at 273 pounds while Wilder came in at 231.

The last time these two met, Wilder won with a relative form of ease.

Heading into this fight, Wilder was considered stronger and faster than Fury and was favored by many to continue his record.

To the shock of the Vegas faithful, Wilder’s power was nowhere to be found.

Wilder said following the game to Brian Mitchell that “he has no excuses tonight and we will come back even stronger next time.”

Fury on the other hand continued on his great comeback story and now adds this win to a big resume.

“3 or so years ago, Tyson Fury was seconds away from driving his car off a bridge and ending it all”, Eric Spagnoli said. “Tonight, he’s heavyweight champion of the world. If that doesn’t inspire you, i don’t know what will”.

People forget that Fury upset Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 before a nearly three-year retirement.

That brief pause in his legendary career was fueled by substance abuse, obesity and mental health, common issues for the everyday individual.

While Fury getting a chance in 2020 to become undisputed champion against unified king Anthony Joshua remains to be seen, the public has their opinions made.

“If fury fights Joshua, he will have tough task” RJ Strayhand said,

Fury was able to Outland Wilder 82-34 in total punches and out-threw the Alabama-native 267-141, per CompuBox.

Fury landed 58 power punches in less than seven rounds of action after landing just 38 in the first meeting.

After all 7 rounds, Fury had all 10’s while Wilder had mostly 9’s with 2 8’s.

No matter what happens in the future, Fury showed us all that comebacks are possible.

Fury also demonstrated that when the heart and mind are in the right place, great things will happen.

“Tonight marks a victory for everyone who’s ever been depressed and/or suicidal”, Spagnoli said “Life is a journey, Ride it and live your life to the fullest”.

Despite the loss, Wiled was still a good sport and there may be another fighting chance. As for Fury, this swipe for the title seems too perfect.