RICHMOND- On several occasions, Bachelor host Chris Harrison has referred to each season as “The most dramatic season in Bachelor history”.

This time, Harrison might actually be on point thanks to one individual, whose run to the final 3 sent Twitter into a frenzy and social media into chaos.

Virginia Beach native Victoria Fuller has galloped her way into the final three, a position that is not being taken kindly among the Bachelor faithful.

Many “Bachelor” supporters took to Twitter to vent their frustrations at Webber’s decisions regarding the medical sales representative.

As for those from her home state, there was no doubt, some feelings of animosity.

“Each season there’s a villain”, Anna Miller said. “Sad to say this one is from our hometown”.

Throughout the season, Fuller has earned her bad name thanks to multiple incidents including being brought back into the competition after initially being eliminated.

The drama began during episode 2 when Fuller got the group date rose much to the chagrin of the other women in the house.

In episode 6, Webber questioned whether Fuller was ready for marriage.

Despite storming off and crying in the bathroom due to the inability to give a proper answer, Webber still gave her a rose.

The battle reached a peak in episode 7 where she and Webber have another argument about their relationship and if she’s ready for marriage.

Against the wishes of many, he decided to give her the first rose, securing her a hometown date.

“It’s like a child being rewarded for bad behavior”, Katherine Pugh said.

This show is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, Victoria’s bad behavior was documented well before she went on the show for taping.

“She ended multiple marriages, plus she was actually in her friends wedding and ended up sleeping with her husband”, Claire Douglass said.

Yikes. The roots go deeper than the show. That will not boil over with fans, men included.

This run of Fuller isn’t the first time for a Bachelor or Bachelorette villain to make a deep run for love.

Among the more common ones include Juan-Pablo Galavis and Luke Parker from the recent bachelorette season with Hannah Brown.

Fuller on the other hand, is now compared to another woman who as the villian found herself in a very similar scenario.

Fuller’s run to the final 3 brings back memories of former winner Vienna Girardi.

Cast as the villain on the season with ironically, pilot Jake Pavelka, Giradi cruised through the competition and beat out Tenley Malzahn for the final rose.

Girardi and Pavelka would eventually get engaged but broke up on live television. This season looks to be following in the exact footsteps.

Monday night’s airing left viewers stunned as Fuller displayed rudeness toward Webber during the hometown dates in addition to an ex-girlfriend of Webber warning him of Fuller’s actions.

To add fuel to the fire, during the most recent final rose ceremony, Webber chose Fuller in favor of Iowa clothes-designer and fan-favorite Kelsey Weier.

Fuller now joins Tennessee model Hannah-Ann Sluss and Alabama foster-parent recruiter Madison Prewett in the Final 3.

Reality Steve has already revealed some spoilers as to who Webber will end up with in the end, but we will not not reveal them here.

Who do the people want in the end? In the case of Fuller, there’s not much sympathy coming for her.

“There’s going to be some angry fingers if indeed she wins”, Libbie Stone said. “All we do now is watch and see”.

The Bachelor Season 24 with Peter Webber continues on Monday Night 8/7C only on ABC.