RICHMOND- The Big Apple is the city of bright lights and Broadway. There used to be a time when a basketball team or a star player playing in New York was the height of their journey.

However, the only thing more entertaining to some than the holiday festivities in Rockefeller Center, is the rants delivered by ESPN’s Stephen A Smith in regards to his frustration about the New York Knicks. He’s right however, they are a disgrace.

It’s bad enough that the franchise continues to get in their own way when they attempt to build any hope and glimmer about a promising future. Since 2000 when owner James Dolan took over for his father, the recurring gag of losing and ineptitude pops up.

The team is now 17-38. They don’t have a legit head coach like they had with David Fizdale before President Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry took to the microphone following a 108-87 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier in the year, and announced that the Knicks were supposed to be better, essentially throwing Fizdale under the bus and terminating his job.

Now Mills is gone and Leon Rose has stepped in, but is he really going to help the cause or will the Knicks continue to be as miserable as they always are? New coach Mike Miller is trying his best, but it looks as if he will be just another scapegoat.

They had a chance to get Zion Williamson in last year’s draft. Zion was a freak of nature at Duke and the Knicks hoped to land him to be the centerpiece of their franchise just as Patrick Ewing was back in the 80’s and 90’s.

When the Knicks won the lottery in 1985, there were those who, by their knee jerk reactions, cried that the lottery was rigged for the Knicks. Since then, the Knicks never got the top pick, and all you hear is crickets. Ineptitude at its finest.

The Knicks had a chance again this year and it looked to be positive as originally they had a higher chance at the 5th pick, but they moved into the top 4. Then the top 3.

But as usual, they struck out, landing the 3rd pick instead of the top 2 which featured Williamson, and Murray State’s Ja Morant.

The Knicks wound up with Williamson’s college teammate RJ Barrett. And they proceeded to lose out on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and others. Why?

Because once again, something was going on with Dolan. The cycle of misery is spinning in consistency.

This is of the most storied NBA franchises that plays in what is considered the sports mecca, Madison Square Garden. But the Knicks have had 15 losing seasons and just four winning seasons since 2001.

In that span of time, they’ve had two 65-loss years and made the playoffs just five times. They had different coaches and other executives, including Phil Jackson, and that alone was a disgrace

They have not even won 30 games the 2016-17 campaign. The word misery is a constant recurring theme, and teams are now laughing at the idea of playing the Knicks and consider it a disgrace to lose to them.

The fanbase is so loyal that they still come and watch this team, because of guys like Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis whom both were on the team and delivered promise, only to demand a way out due to the management above causing havoc.

Many Knicks fans have blamed Dolan for the team’s ineptitude. Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. even went as far as to call upon Dolan to sell the team.

They say a fish rots from the head down. Cleaning house sounds nice and would sit well with fans, but telling that to Dolan could result in getting kicked out of the garden. The owner in New York City is that thin skinned? How do you survive off of that.

You can blame the organization for sure, but why not root for the Nets instead? The ownership is better, they have better players, the culture is better, and there’s actually promise.

Besides Billy Joel, no one from Staten Island is technically thought of as New York’s own. Not the Jets or the Mets and at the time, no way the Nets. Not anymore and the celebrities will even take their kids to see Durant and Irving instead of Bobby Portis and Julius Randle.

Dolan’s ineptitude allowed multiple events to be taken out of New York City including the NFL Draft and now the NBA Draft is in the Barclays Center.  Not to mention the email attacks he sends towards fans and has kicked multiple people out of the garden.

The man clearly was born on third base hitting a triple and essentially inherited his wealth from his family. He has done a lot of good things in terms of taking care of his players and helping stars like Tyson Chandler have access to his mother when she was ill.

If Dolan was only a philanthropist, he would be hailed as god because that is his best line of work. But he owns the Knicks and the clown show is a traveling circus through the NBA Season.

It leaves us with one simple question. How much longer NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will put up with a losing team in the nation’s biggest media market without stepping in? The fans deserve better, especially during this holiday season.

We are supposed to be grateful and happy during this time. Those who don’t like the Knicks feel better, but those fans in that cold city just have even more of a reason to cold and sad.