RICHMOND- Sunday night’s controversial ruling of a first down allowed the Green Bay Packers to escape with a 28-23 win over the Seattle Seahawks and advance to the NFC Title game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Earlier in the day, the Kansas City Chiefs overcame a 24 point deficit to beat the Houston Texans to advance to the AFC Championship game against the upstart Tennessee Titans.

Wait a second. The Super Bowl. Packers and Chiefs? Does the NFL want it to be the like the very first Super Bowl?

That could be a form of speculation as both teams are loved by the NFL Media, particularly by networks such as ESPN and Fox Sports. Not to mention both Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes have starred together in State Farm commercials.

In the world of social media and beyond, multiple accounts have expressed that the NFL is rigged to make sure that both the Titans and the 49ers head home while the other two teams head to Miami.

Truth be told, there is a possible reason why this could happen as the revenue that would flow in from this possible matchup is palpable and how State Farm insurance could rise significantly.

Last year’s Super Bowl left a bitter taste in people’s mouths stemming from the fact of Patriots fatigue and the Rams being gifted the trip to Atlanta from the men in stripes. The contest ultimately concluded with the Patriots capturing their 6th Lombardi trophy prompting uneasiness from the national media.

Now, the only way to avoid a love affair is for RB Derrick Henry to continue running at such a rate and not blow a large lead as Bill O’Brien’s squad did and for DC Robert Saleh to come in at full strength with both DE Dee Ford and LB Kwon Alexander and give the Packers another defeat.

A Titans-49ers matchup might not be the most glamorous, but it would give many football fans a sense of relief that the media love-affair would not be able to provide their bias and instead focus on the facts and give both teams some credit.

It’s easy to get emotional and point fingers and say that the league is rigged for money. It’s even easier to the say that the media has a hand in this and their preferences are being considered instead of actually calling the gamer like it should be called.

In the end, the only thing you can do as a viewer is watch and hope that the matches and fair and the best team wins, or not watch at all and let bygones be bygones.

The AFC Championship between the Titans and the Chiefs kicks off at 3:05 pm on CBS while the NFC Championship between the Packers and 49ers kicks off at 6:40 pm on FOX.