RICHMOND- Ken Jennings has never won a Jeopardy tournament since he appeared on the show. Now he’s one win away.

A win in Match 3 has Jennings so close to the $1 million dollar prize as he leads the series 2-1-0 over James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

Early on in Game 1 of Match 3, the game was considered a comedy show with the category of “A Million Bucks Ain’t What It Used To Be” and “Comedians”. Isn’t the top prize of $1,000,000?

There was even a throwback to “I’m not wearing any pants”. Many Jeopardy fans will recall during the Ultimate Tournament of Champions in 2005 when host Alex Trebek walked on stage while not wearing any pants. Ken and Brad know all about that gag.

Wheel of Fortune even got in on the action with the category of “Buy a Vowel”.

Holzhauer found the Daily Double and took it home doubling his score to 2,800 which was behind Ken’s 3,200 score. Rutter had 0.

Conan O’Brien paid a great homage to his fellow comedian Dennis Leary about his hometown of Massachusetts.

Rutter still could not get on track heading into the Double Jeopardy round as he found the Daily Double on the opening clue and whiffed again dropping to 0.

Jennings got the second one and wagered all in with Holzhauer’s classic motion. Sure enough, it worked and Jennings doubled from 9,200 to 18,400.

Heading into Final Jeopardy, for the first time this tournament, there was a very tight battle between the 3 players as they dealt with US Political History.

All three wagered everything and got the final right as it was the Whig Party and the Democratic-Republican party. Rutter finished with 17600, Holzhauer had 27200 and Jennings took a huge run up to 51200.

Game 2 would be a different story. Holzhauer hit the board hard and answered so many clues and even hit the Daily Double. Yet, he missed the clue and lost all the money leaving them all with a TRIPLE ZERO.

Christopher Plummer made his debut with a category all about him. Other categories included Cybersecurity and “An “OK” Category” and Donald Sutherland had a clue written about him.

Going into Double Jeopardy, Rutter was able to turn his luck around and hit both Daily Doubles correctly, yet his score was small compared to the other two. Holzhauer missed a few clues to drop him below Rutter while Jennings continued to pile on points and keep his lead.

Final Jeopardy dealt with 21st Century Oscar Winners. But the players didn’t seem to focus on the clue but rather jokes of their own.

Holzhauer paid tribute to Trebek as the GHOST. Greatest Host Of Syndicated TV. Yet……he crossed out Pat Sajak? Uh oh, that might have been trouble but he wagered 908 from 7,400 to drop to 6,492 and that translated to a two game total of 33,692.

Rutter? No correct answer. BUT….he paid tribute to his hometown Philadelphia Eagles with a Super Bowl 52 shoutout and a wager of 4133 which led to Trebek to comment “Welcome to the Jeopardy Comedy Hour’. Rutter lost the points from 10,000 and finished with 5,867 and a two game score of 23,467.

Jennings had no fun in his response but wanted to do a tight five minutes on airline food but that wasn’t going to cut it. He lost 1200 to finish with 16,400. Two games combined, he had 67,600 and the victory.

The answer to Final? Lee and Cuaron.

The tournament is now at 3 games in and goes to Tuesday next week. If Ken wins, he will have the 3 victories needed to get the $1,000,000. If James wins, he will be deadlocked at 2 giving him a high chance. A win by Brad would help his chances AND avoid getting swept.

Is there going to be a champion on Tuesday or do we go further to Game 5? Tune in January 14th to find out. Game starts at 8 EST only on ABC.