RICHMOND- Last night he lost by 200 points. Tonight was a different story for James Holzhauer.

The sports gambling phenom from Vegas displayed why he is considered among the greatest players as he racked up a big victory in Match 2 over Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

The series is now 1-1-0 with Jennings and Holzhauer each having a win and Rutter not having won a single match yet.

Speaking of sports, there was a college football category in the Jeopardy round of the first game which predictably favored James’ strengths. (Mine also as well as TOC participant Steven Grade).

Holzhauer was able to find a Daily Double early but could only bet 1,000 and sure enough, he got it right and had 1,800.

The Jeopardy round paid tribute to the hit series “The Crown” as well as a variety of other categories including The “Gold”/”Bergs”.

Holzhauer went into the Double Jeopardy round with the lead in Game 1 and Jennings in 2nd along with Rutter in 3rd.

In the DJ round, the legendary Gene Wilder would be featured in a clue about Willy Wonka with his famous “Good Day Sir” quote that got a laugh out of Rutter and host Alex Trebek.

Holzhauer would find the first daily double of the round in “Around the World”. Betting it all of course, he nailed it to hit 27,200 with still one daily double left in play.

Jennings would hit the second one and pay tribute to Holzhauer with his poker expression of all in which led to loud laughs and a joke of “copyright”.

Jenning’s comedy continued with an emphatic “I’M WALKING HERE” to a response that had the audience howling and both Holzhauer and Rutter couldn’t contain themselves.

Heading into the final James led with Ken and Brad trailing. Rutter was nowhere near catching the other two scores.

The Final Jeopardy category was about INFLUENTIAL WRITING with the answer being the Communist Manifesto.

Rutter was right and doubled to 14,400. Jennings bet 18 grand to end up with 40,000. Holzhauer? Right. What was the wager tho? You guessed it. 11,914 giving him a slight lead with a total of 44,314. Only a 4,000 lead.

Game 2 however, was pretty much a do-over with the same result. For the funny category, all about…..goats. How convenient.

Rutter found the Daily Double. Would he hit it right? Yes he did and he got 1,000 added for the lead.

Rutter would also find the first daily double in the DJ round but whiffed and dropped to 0. Holzhauer found the second one and got it right to double it all.

Rutter even went into the red for the first time in a VERY long time and at one point had -5,200.

At the end of the round, Holzhauer and Jennings were neck and neck while Rutter, having finished in the red, would add only 0 to his total making it 14,400 over 2 days.

The Final Jeopardy Category? 19th Century Leaders. The correct answer? Napoleon and Madison.

Jennings got half right and was wrong and finished with 57,400 over two days. Holzhauer? You guessed it. Correct and wager doesn’t matter as he finished with a two game total of 82,414.

So far Brad is the only player to have not won a match. But it still anyone’s tournament PLUS the tournament will be extended into next week on Tuesday night so there will be no sweep.

Will either Ken or James be one game closer to glory? Or will Brad even it all out? The pivotal Game 3 is tomorrow at 8 EST only on ABC.