RICHMOND- Imagine bring in a position of pleasure where you have a social media platform. You use that platform to exercise joy on another’s misery? Saddening.

Fans of the New England Patriots are experiencing this disappointment following a 20-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card Round.

The loss eliminates the Boston Faithful  from the playoffs and could potentially end their dynasty.

Those who have a displeasure against the team proceeded to take large victory laps through various media outlets, neglecting to act in ways of gracious professionalism.

While the animosity towards this franchise due to their alleged scandals and constant victory is fully understandable, it’s worth mentioning that many of these people are ignoring the fact that their team’s lack of similar success may cause a form of jealousy.

Multiple pundits on ESPN and on Fox are quick to dance on the demise yet forget about the multiple times that their opinions and takes backfired. They are quick to forget and only bask in the present.

Twitter by far had a lot of buzz with FS1 analyst and noted Patriot Hater Rob Parker taking the time to dispatch multiple tweets solely aimed in the direction of trashing QB Tom Brady.

Parker has religiously maintained his status of just being a reporter, although history would show otherwise with his comments both on TV and in his writings.

Jason Whitlock, Max Kellerman, Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe, etc. The list goes on and on and each name becomes more predominant given a track record.

Whitlock tweeted that he promised to stay humble and show class with his victory. That for sure will not happen and never might.  Sharpe was on “Undisputed” and proceeded to celebrate his victory, albeit with some hilarious flair. Taylor on the other hand, was respectful even though it came across as petty.

I get it, no one likes a winner, especially if it goes on for so long. But the reality is the fact that the media’s bias has reached a status of unhealthy proportions. Dynasties don’t last all the time and some are considered an enigma. The Patriots run of success can be considered one of those enigmas.

Yet, they choose to be disrespectful and show a level of thin skinned personality when it comes to firing off insults while also proclaiming the end of the dynasty.

If indeed it is the end of an era, why not take a moment to stand up and applaud this level of success that may never be replicated. Instead, there is applause that is celebrating the end and proclamations of always being right about this from the start when in fact it was many years too late.

Such a shame that this is the modern era and we have resorted to using social media as a means to show frustration whereas back in the past, others used to go to the gym and work out or even squeeze a ball to relieve their stress.

In the meantime, the Patriots run of success is to be commended despite the loss and it will be interesting to see how far the run can even go. But if indeed this is the end of the run, it was fun while it lasted.