RICHMOND- It has a little over a year since disgraced CBS executive Les Moonves was denied a $120 million severance payout amid sexual assault allegations that has rocked his career.

Moonves stepped down from CBS in September 2018 after the sexual abuse allegations came to light. But Moonves was also known to hold grudges against individuals that he deemed as trouble.

One of his targets was none other than popular music icon Janet Jackson, the sister of the late great “King of Pop” Michael Jackson.

Jackson was elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019, while Moonves, like Harvey Weinstein, goes down in history as one of the creepiest and most vilified members of human society.

Justice was served, but the path to the happy ending was anything but smooth. Instead, it was years upon years of pain.

Following a humiliating experience during Super Bowl 38, where Jackson’s breast was exposed on camera during the halftime show thanks to Justin Timberlake, her career took a severe downturn thanks to Moonves.

Timberlake was allowed to perform at the Grammy’s that year and recently performed at Super Bowl 52. Jackson? No performances for years, no music streaming, and a dent in sales.

Why? Enter Moonves and his true colors of hatred and privilege. The exposure incident slapped CBS $550,000 Federal Communications Commission fine as well as a load of criticism following the show. Moonves didn’t take that lightly.

As a result, Jackson’s career was damaged. An article by the Huffington Post stated that Moonves didn’t think it was a wardrobe malfunction but instead an intentional act to drum up controversy.

Moonves ordered VH1 and MTV, and all Viacom-owned radio stations, to halt playing Jackson’s music and videos, which impacted sales even after Jackson publicly apologized.

This symbolized a man letting his ego and personal feelings get in the way of proper and fair judgement.

Until 2011, Moonves continues to instruct damage on Jackson while she tried to find ways to push her career forward. Jackson’s life took a tragic turn when Michael passed in 2009, but she refused to back down.

In 2011, after Jackson Jackson had signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster for her book True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, Moonves lost it. Even going as far as to quote “How the F*** did she slip through”.

If that doesn’t reek of petulance and vindictiveness from a man who epitomized the idea of the “good old boys” network who perceived minorities as nothing but roadblocks, show another example. No chance to find a better one.

But Moonves’ dark past would finally catch up to him. He wasn’t just a sulking individual filled with anger, he was also an abuser.

An article in the New Yorker detailed how six women came forward with news that Moonves had sexually assaulted them. One allegation can cause an uproar, but six?

A number of the women also said that Moonves retaliated after they rebuffed him, resulting in their careers being tarnished.

One of those women said in that article that Moonves forced her to perform oral sex on him, and how he threw her against a wall in later incidents.

This only adds to the question that many outraged individuals continued to discuss. “How in God’s name was this bleeping individual allowed to commit such heinous acts without being caught?”

The answer is simple and it doesn’t come forward with being afraid to speak out. It is all about privilege. In the case of Jackson, she endured emotional abuse. Results were nearly identical.

Now Moonves is gone and Jackson continues to perform music at a high level. While she probably may not perform at the Super Bowl again, she’s still a major attraction.

This past Super Bowl brought back haunting controversy to Jackson’s incident as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez wore revealing outfits.

While the vast majority of fans loved the show, a large number of fans turned off the show detailing how it “scarred” them.

The amount of backlash that females receive for showing their culture is palpable. A man rips off his shirt at a concert or during the game and he is praised. Brandi Chastain removed her jersey at the World Cup and voices of complaints rang out. What’s the issue? The answer is simple. Knee Jerk Reactions and Tantrums.

The United States has seeming reverted back to the days where people express themselves with words that are evil and actions that are so vile that it makes us question whether progress had been made.

Janet Jackson is one of the latest examples to show us that inner will and inner perseverance can overcome the beliefs of those who believe their have the power to control everything because of their stature.

When you listen to Jackson from here on, please understand that she fought her way back to greatness and overcame so much adversity. It’s a truly amazing comeback story. One that Rhythm nation can be proud of.

Janet Jackson, it was truly your time and it was a long time coming. You deserve to be recognized as one of America’s greatest icons, and your biggest villain will now suffer the ultimate prize. Your happiness and success. That’s karma and that’s a mic drop.