RICHMOND- They made it past the first round and now from 15, there are only 9 players left. The quarterfinals are over and a wild card is no longer an option barring a tiebreaker.

It’s now win or go home as 9 players are left for the chance to play in the two-game final which will culminate in a $250,000 payday and a chance to be in Jeopardy lore.

In the first quarterfinal, Gilbert Collins took home the victory with an impressive range of knowledge and fast buzzer skills. But it took an incorrect response and a major wager gaffe in final by Anneke Garcia to ensure Collins’s victory.

Kyle Jones meanwhile, was able to come up with a correct response and secure a wild-card spot. Garcia was unfortunately eliminated.

The second quarterfinal began with a tribute to former Teacher’s Tournament Champion Larry Martin. Martin passed away after a bout with cancer, therefore he could not participate in the Tournament of Champions. He is sorely missed.

Dhruv Gaur, the College Champion paid a great tribute to his memory by playing in a similar style of daily double hunting and sharpness which led the Brown University representative to secure the win.

Rachel Lindgren did enough to earn a wild-card spot while Rob Worman managed to win only $799, which eliminated him.

In the third quarterfinal, fans saw the return of James Holzhauer. And he did not disappoint. Except for trolling the audience with a conservative $1,109 wager on a Daily Double after almost making it a true one.

Holzhauer captured a runaway victory. Lindsey Schultz gave herself a chance and locked up a wild card berth while Alan Dunn managed only $1, therefore, eliminating him.

By this time it looked like the semi-finals were taking shape but two games still remained.

The fourth quarterfinal showed the return of the player who defeated Holzhauer in Emma Boettcher.

Going into the tournament, Boettcher was criticized for only winning 3 games and still qualifying. She took the game in a runaway and moved on.

However, Eric R Backes failed to score anything for a wild card and was eliminated solidifying Jones and Schultz returning. Two spots were still available. Hill could still make it if two other players in the next game failed to top his score.

It all came down to the last quarterfinal game. Teachers champion Francois Barcomb showed why he was an excellent competitor by winning handily and paying tribute to the Jungle Book with his Final Jeopardy response.

Steven Grade had enough money to secure the last wild card spot eliminating Hill and keeping Lindgren in line for a chance. Ryan Fenster meanwhile, scored too little and was knocked out.

The Winners: Gilbert Collins, Dhruv Gaur, James Holzhauer, Emma Boettcher, and Francois Barcomb.

The Wild Cards: Steven Grade, Kyle Jones, Lindsey Schultz, and Rachel Lindgren.

And there it was: 9 Players Left and $250,000 at stake. Who will win the Jeopardy Teacher’s Tournament? The Board is yours and make a selection.