RICHMOND- Sports gamblers everywhere and Jeopardy fans were treated to a spectacular run by James Holzhauer when he won over $2 million in his first Jeopardy appearance through 32 games.

Now they will see the professional sports gambler from Las Vegas, once again when Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions airs on Nov.4. The champion will walk away with the grand prize of $250,000.

15 of the brightest contestants from the past season including Holzhauer will return for the big prize. One notable player is the one that defeated Holzhauer, Emma Boettcher. She wound up winning $97,000+ in her run.

The tournament is spread out over a 2-week format. All quarter-final games will be played in Week 1. The winners will automatically advance to the semi-finals. Of the players who lose, only the 4 highest scorers will earn wild-card berths to the semi-finals.

The winner receives $250,000, the runner up gets $100,000 and 3rd place gets $50,000. Semi-Finalists receive $25,000 and everyone is guaranteed at least $10,000.

On Monday, you will see History Professor Gilbert Collins, Instructional Design Consultant Anneke Garcia, and Music Teacher Kyle Jones.

Tuesday will feature Astronomy Interpreter Rachel Lindgren), College Champion at Brown University Dhruv Gaur, and  Engagement Manager Rob Worman.

Holzhauer will play on Wednesday against Physician Health Care Analyst Lindsey Schultz and Software Development Manager Alan Dunn.

Thursday will feature Boettcher, Attorney Government Relations Professional Eric R. Backes, and Network Engineer Josh Hill.

Finally, on Friday, you will see Teachers Tournament Champion Francois Barcomb, Sports Industry Consultant Steven Grade, and Graduate Student Ryan Fenster.

This year’s crop features a lot of talented players but the controversy was not far. Especially in the direction of Boettcher who despite being a talented player, won only three games, when most players who qualified for the tournament win 4 games.

Social media took to the mound to swing and multiple times, they struck out. Boettcher is an excellent player and yes 3 wins do not mean TOC, but Jeopardy will do what they need to in order to get what they want.

They even took shots at Holzhauer for his aggressive style of play, wishing for an old way of running the categories rather than playing the higher value clues first.

This is not the first time it has happened. Former tournament champion Claire Sattler was a victim of heavy cyberbullying during the finals after being labeled the “villain”.

Fellow teen competitor Rohan Kapileshwari sent out a statement on behalf of the participants expressing anger and asking members on all platforms to leave the teens alone.

At the end of the day, the game is supposed to be fun and it has evolved from the past where the game was more standard. There is a new way to play and the old people at home need to adapt to the new style of play.

They already took away kids week on Jeopardy so why must they eliminate more?

This Tournament of Champions is supposed to be a fun and exciting time to celebrate the run of great players and also pay homage to Alex Trebek who is staying strong despite his bout with pancreatic cancer.

While others may choose to focus on the negativity, we all can look forward to a great competition and see who will live in Jeopardy lore. You have control of the board and please make a selection.