RICHMOND- In 2000, the New England Patriots held a compensatory pick at 199. They were not having a successful draft and a sixth-round draft pick might not help much.

With that pick, however, they not only found a gem, but they took a guy who is now without question, the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr from the University of Michigan.

20 years later and an astonishing six super bowl titles as well, it is safe to say that life has worked out for the Boston faithful as Brady has become a legend in the city.

The outside world meanwhile has not been kind, often taking shots that sometimes go well beyond the line of objectivity.

Exhibit A is ESPN’s Max Kellerman, a New York Giants fan, a boxing analyst. Kellerman has gone out of his way to praise players such as Packers QB Aaron Rodgers saying Brady could never have the same impact as Rodgers and that Rodgers is the greatest QB.

False. First off, Rodgers has the talent on the offense that is undeniably better than what Brady has had to work with throughout his career. Rodgers has had top-level talent each and every year while Brady has only had that amount of talent sporadically.

Kellerman still holds onto the memory of Eli Manning upsetting Brady in two super bowls, especially in 2007 which featured an upset that ended a season hope of 19-0. With comments such as “bum” and “falling off a cliff” constantly being reiterated from his mouth, fans can understand why ESPN has been portrayed as a biased network.

Kellerman even attacked the Patriot fan-base with other comments such as “boot-lickers” and “wet noodle arm” which angered the Patriots community including players like linebacker Kyle Van Noy. Boot-lickers? Since when? Disrespect towards not only Brady but to head coach Bill Belichick as well.

Get over your obsession with Eli Manning and actually be smart. That Columbia education is certainly looking more and more like a fluke.

Exhibits B, C, and D all work for FS1 and quite frankly, it gets worse with each person.

Exhibit B is Shannon Sharpe. Yes, that guy who was a star TE for the Broncos and Ravens. The same guy who has 3 rings and is known mostly for his mouth. The guy who made Savannah State famous and rightfully so? Yes, that Shannon Sharpe.

At first Sharpe was respectful, but lately, a dose of Hennessey and lack of objectivity has clouded his mind.

In fairness, Sharpe has been polite towards Belichick but has been disingenuous of Brady and has dealt disrespect while, like Kellerman, praised Rodgers and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, coming up with excuses to protect them while slamming Brady for any mistake he makes.

On Tuesday, he proudly boasted about “beating the brakes off Tom Brady” back in 2002 when the Broncos played the Patriots. News flash: Broncos only won 24-16 and Sharpe recorded 2 catches for 19 yards.

Considering Sharpe pretty much rode the bench in each of his 3 super bowl victories, it’s not his place to talk too much. 1 catch for 5 yards in a Super Bowl and you said you had a huge impact in that game? Miss me with that.

Oh, and did I mention Sharpe has a severe obsession with NBA Star Lebron James that borders on delusional and stalking? Weird isn’t it. But that’s not the point right now, back to the story.

Exhibit C is Jason Whitlock, former reporter for the Kansas City Star. Whitlock has been extremely outspoken about disdain for New England especially when he was forced to wear clown attire after losing in the 2019 AFC Championship game. Did I mention the lack of objectivity in many areas?

Whitlock has been involved in a number of issues leading to job termination and backlash from folks on social media. Despising another man’s greatness due to your not well-being. Not worth my time or anyone else’s time.

But Exhibit D is where the scoop really gets interesting. Rob Parker, Detroit columnist, former ESPN employee and a very biased hater.

In 2012, following the Giants 21-17 over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, Parker shouted that Brady would never win another Super Bowl. Safe to say that hasn’t worked out as Brady reached 4 Super Bowls and won 3 of them.

Parker had the nerve to refer to Tom as the LOAT (Luckiest Of All-Time). The irony is that Parker should be called that considering the number of pink slips and job opportunities that have been thrown his way.

If you see Parker’s twitter page, it is full of slander towards Brady. The pinnacle moment came when Parker screamed for the Chiefs to save America from the Patriots else he would move to Mexico. It didn’t work so why didn’t Parker move? As usual, he just had to say something to make his voice heard.

Yes, the hatred for Brady is undeniable from alleged cheating to just plain dominance. But in the media, bias is born as I’ve stated before. Objectivity is no longer part of society and it’s just random voices coming out of the woodworks to hear themselves talk.

Brady is the GOAT, all these reporters are saltier than those bags of Lays Potato Chips (very good by the way), and the facts speak for themselves. Your hatred only adds fuel to the fire. DEAL WITH IT.