RICHMOND- Sunday’s 17-16 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers left the Chicago Bears at 3-4 and in a bleak position of making the playoffs.

What happened to this dominant team that went 12-4 last year and was double doinked from the playoffs? Where is the defense? Where is the glitz of the offense?

The answer is simple. Last year was a mirage, this team clearly is not in a winning mode with their roster despite the talent.

The offense is lethargic, the defense is gassed, god knows what is up with special teams, and this team cannot get it done right. You have to get on the QB right?

Yes, it all comes back to a fateful night in 2017 when the Bears passed on Jordan for Bowie. Wait, that’s basketball right and that didn’t happen.

Well yes, back in 1984 it did not happen, and Chicago benefitted handsomely. But In 2017,  ownership and general manager Ryan Pace not doing the proper work, led to a huge disappointment, and a large number of angry Bears fans booing.

The Bears took North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky over Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson. WHAT?!! WHY??!!

Trubisky had no real college tape to work with at North Carolina. Watson dominated top-level competition at Clemson and won a National Championship over Alabama.  Mahomes revived a then-struggling Texas Tech program.

Fast forward to now, Mahomes is a league MVP and has led his team to an AFC title game, Watson has lived up to his “Michael Jordan” status given to him by his college coach Dabo Swinney with clutch plays and leadership, and Trubisky………… is going nowhere.

Boos in Chicago continue to get loud. The body of work just isn’t good enough. The Bears remain limited on offense when Trubisky is the quarterback. The Texans and Chiefs meanwhile, are rolling but still face tough competition.

The draft unfolded in a different way after that bad selection when the Bears took Tarik Cohen and Eddie Jackson but it still harkens back to the Trubisky pick. In fact even before he was selected, Trubisky was referred to as a locked leg thrower.

The main problem was that there were many uncertainties with his accuracy in college and even in the pros. That doesn’t work in the NFL. Watson’s issue was his physical build but it has been proven that he will be fine. Mahomes’s concern was a pro-style offense but that issue was resolved quickly.

Trubisky is much more of an arm thrower. The problem is he isn’t just an arm thrower, but he tries to push the ball forward instead of complete the full throwing motion. Time and time again it has been shown during games going back to his rookie season.

I get it, Pace did a great job of adding other talented players, but the QB position was a failure. Mitchell Trubisky over Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes? Why?

The Bears have no time to be patient anymore. They invested many resources to win now and it does not look like it. The Khalil Mack trade has worked, the Allen Robinson signing is amazing, and yet the pain comes right back to that one pick. This is a proud franchise with a lot of tradition and now it looks even worse and that 12-4 seems so far away.

Matt Nagy clearly looks lost and is not sticking to running the football. David Montgomery was drafted high and has yet to even be used. Why trade Jordan Howard then? Look at Howard now in Philadelphia having better days. Why does Nagy continue to let Trubisky play when clearly he does not have it? Draft a new QB and build it from there.

This season is now in full-blown panic mode. The Bears are at this point no longer in the NFC playoff conversation. In fact, Chicago is now in last place in the NFC North following Detroit’s win over the New York Giants. The Bears are also way behind Minnesota (6-2) and Green Bay (7-1).

It will take major luck and significant changes to even get to 10 wins after seeing this lackluster start to the season. The Bears may be on the verge of going worst-to-first and then back-to-worst in the division in back-to-back seasons.

The Texans and Chiefs meanwhile, have a fair shot to make it in the AFC with the Patriots and the Ravens.

Things must change in the Windy City. Fans still talk about 1985 but times have to change and people need to adapt. Ownership needs to stop living in the past and the coaches need to make better picks and get the proper technique into these players.

If things don’t change, the weather will not be the only gloomy thing in Chicago come winter. The winds won’t bite as much as the media. THINGS MUST CHANGE.