RICHMOND- In 1998, in the 1st round, the Minnesota Vikings selected a wide receiver from Marshall by the name of Randy Moss. At the time, he proved to be an excellent player for the purple and gold but soon, he was gone.

In 2000, in the 6th round, the New England Patriots selected a skinny quarterback with a winning record from the University of Michigan by the name of Tom Brady.

Moss dominated in the purple and gold and even making a moon of himself. Brady meanwhile was discarded on the depth chart until Drew Bledsoe was knocked out giving him the chance to play.

Moss never reached a Super Bowl in Minnesota while Brady went to three in his first five years.

Fast forward to 2007, both are on the same team, and they bring the Patriots to the Super Bowl together, only to fall short on the LUCKIEST catch in NFL History. 17-14 is the score that stands but 18-1 is the record. Painful, knowing what could have been.

Moss returned to the big game in 2013 but fell short 34-31 against the Baltimore Ravens as a member of the San Francisco 49ers. Brady meanwhile, has been to 5 more Super Bowls and has won 3 setting his legacy at 6 while Moss had none.

Despite that, when they both sit down for interviews together, there is no animosity. Why would there be?

For one, it is obvious that Moss wanted to be loved after being discarded by the team that took a chance on him. He was mostly seen as a distraction. After being traded from Minnesota to Oakland and spending time in the bay area, it looked like the former all-star receiver would just be a memory when he failed to thrive in the Raiders system.

But then, new life came into Moss and it only took a fourth-round draft pick.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made the move to save Moss from the black hole in Oakland, and it paid immediate dividends. Moss turned into a star, catching 23 touchdowns and helping Brady throw for 50 after leaving behind a rough journey.  Moss also Brady a weapon beyond anything people saw coming. Moss still loves his time in New England even after leaving.

Brady has been successful even without Moss but is there a relationship that is strong as they have? Since leaving the field, Moss has interviewed Brady numerous times and in every interview, you can see in both of their eyes that they feel the pain of not winning the big one together.

The interview that was done on Monday night, which showed that Brady’s commitment to the game, impressed Moss, and was likely the reason why their success in New England came to be.

Brady has made a lot of receivers look great during his time in New England, but what he did to bring Randy Moss back into his dominant self, may not be a stat on the stat sheet, but will go down as a move of someone who is willing to, despite negative thoughts from the outside, steer someone back onto the path of greatness.

Both players came from different paths but their union is legendary. However, they both know that they have each other to look up to, in terms of achievement .

Brady’s ability to bring the best out of his teammates is the one stat that should put him above all quarterbacks, and a star receiver like Moss, who had success with him, can attest to that.