RICHMOND- He talked and talked while sipping on drinks and boasted about how he would win. Now, he’s learning a lesson of keeping his mouth shut.

UNDISPUTED co-host Shannon Sharpe had to close down “Club Shay Shay” after writing too many checks that could not be cashed including the Lakers recent loss to the in-state rival Clippers 113-105. The loss essentially ended the Lakers season.

Truth be told, the club was listed as a one-star rating with a five star rank of a health hazard. No wonder the Lakers struggled this season, the food reeked of bad health benefits, not worthy for Lebron and his excellent diet.

The Clippers meanwhile, sent a message to the national media, who have recently turned their attention to focusing on the Lakers instead of the team that won the game. Their message? Stick to facts instead of emotions.

Danilo Gallinari led the way 23 points while Lou Williams added 21 of his own to put LAC in position to make the playoffs, though they would lose their first round pick because of it.